Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blacker Than Black?

OMG, Stewart doesn't even need writers any more.  People like Trump & Coulter are writing it for him.



Ruth said...

Seriously. How did what Donald Trump said get so much media play??

DJan said...

That was truly great! I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing! :-)

bill lisleman said...

Love that show.
So not only does the right have the better blacks they also have the dumber blonds. - that's a good "PC" statement don't you think.

California Girl said...

Ruth: I wonder that same thing all the time.

DJan: I had seen all the interviews and antics by the candidates prior to Stewart editing this report. Just made it that much more hilarious.

bill: Ann, she's "da bomb" isn't she?

A Beer for the Shower said...

Stewart, as always, a comedic hero. You know what I find funny? There aren't ANY good right-wing comedians. Coincidence? Nay.

California Girl said...

Beer: You're right. When I was a little kid, most of the television comedians were politically conservative: Bob Hope,Lucille Ball, Ronald Reagan (well he WAS a comedian as President). I tend to think of old Hollywood as pretty conservative.

We have conservative comedians now. Dennis Miller just about killed me when he went right wing. Hell, I went to see him in a club on New Years Eve many moons ago and he was awesomely funny and irreverant back then. What happened?

Oooh, I don't usually go on and on in a reply to a comment. You just took me back, that's all.

I'll take today's comedians.

Grandmother said...

Jon Stewart is brilliant- smart, politically savvy and very funny!


by Cole Scott