Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Make $17MM in 72 Days

These ladies qualify as women of certain ages...don't they? (WINK!)



Grandmother said...

So sad that hulu can only be streamed in the USA and here I am in Italy.

Baino said...

Dammit. NO Hulu in Oz :(

Judy said...

I love the Bruce Jenner part.... do they have any idea how silly they look trying to look young forever?

Deborah said...

Dang. Not in France either, although you can get around all that by setting up a proxy server.
But I did read about the KK foofah. Dear me, with what role models did these girls grow up??

California Girl said...

Deborah, Baino, Grandmother: Here are 2 links to try. One or both should work for you.

A Beer for the Shower said...

SNL hasn't been very good in recent years, but this was a pretty good sketch. And sadly, very accurate. I love that Kris Whatshisname is just a big retarded caveman.

Twisted Susan said...

Fuh knee.

Ruth said...

OK, who knew about hulu? Not me. :|

Wow, I'm out of it.

And since I can't stay up late enough to watch either Jon Stewart of SNL any more, I rely on you!

Yeah, certain ages all right. :-)

injaynesworld said...

I saw this. Hysterical. So absolutely on target. SNL can really turn out some genius stuff. And I love Kristin Wiig as Kris Jenner.


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