Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Ain't Me Babe...Is It?

It's very hard to accept aging, no matter what anyone says. I look in the mirror and, if I'm really being honest with myself, I see an unfamiliar face.  Photographs increase my awareness of the changes I've undergone. The photographs tell the true story because they leave nothing to my imagination.  It's all there, in color. Yes ma'am. 

I am particularly touchy about it as this is another milestone birthday year.

My best friend from Jr. High, pictured here, hates having
her photograph taken.  Why?  No idea as she seems to look the best when we review the shots.  Nevertheless, she is and always has been the most reluctant to have her photo taken.

Another friend of mine is always cute and smiling  and our photographs together convey the fun we have.
When we were teens, she asked me to straighten her hair with Perma Straight.  We  became distracted and left it in too long and her hair came out in clumps!  Somehow, we laughed through it all.

This friend and I have shared some seriously hilarious times together. She never minds having her photo taken.  I have some doozies of her when we were in high school.  

What is interesting to me is to view photos of myself I once thought terrible and think,
"Well, that's not so  bad!" 
How 'bout you?



DJan said...

i agree. It's not who I think of as myself, but frankly I don't mind having my picture taken (obviously, as I put lots of pictures of myself on my blog). But sometimes I do wonder who that old lady IS. :-)

Star said...

I was 60 on 12th October so come on in, the waters warm(ish). I know exactly how you feel, but like me there is nothing you can do about it. I think the best thing you can wear, as you go into your new age, is a great big smile!
Happy birthday from Star

Grandmother said...

Yup, we do look different. No way around it. But you have great friends and you have fun with them. That says more about you than how you look. Life is good.

JC said...

You look fabulous.

mermaid gallery said...

you look, vivacious, and's hard to equate that image in the mirror to the girl i was...but smiling really helps!...laugh lines are fine with me.....girlfriends know that!

Baino said...

Aww I'm with you. I feel a little better about my photo these days but I'm still very selective (I look better in person frankly). Hard to accept that face in the mirror sometimes. Then a very young friend of mine told me one day that he liked he 'just got out of bed' look . . .I think we have problems with our looks that frankly, other's just don't see. You all look lovely.

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!!

CG, you have no idea. This has been on my mind so much these days. I looked at a photo of myself taken just a year ago and couldn't believe how different I look to myself. I feel older, less attractive than in that shot. I've stopped straightening my hair (I had no idea how curly it had gotten!), which I still feel might not make me as "pretty." My body has changed due to menopause. I told my colleague at work that I have not accepted all this yet! I miss turning heads when I walk in a room. Isn't that awful?

Anyway, enough about me.

You look so beautiful, as do your friends. I have been admiring your new-ish profile pic for some time. Your dimples are gorgeous. Your smile is wonderful, and your eyes light up with your smile too.

Maybe it will take us time in this transition into elderhood. I don't know, but I hope acceptance comes soon. ;-)

California Girl said...

First off, to the Ladies Who Posted Comments:

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate the positive reinforcement. I assure you I was not fishing for compliments but really just exploring my feelings about the aging process, particularly this birthday.

You gals ROCK!!!

California Girl said...

DJan: I can honestly look in the mirror and see my young self once in a while. Yeah, it's a mirage but a welcome one.

Star: Thank you and your warm Libra welcome. Did you know Libras are known for social grace and intellectual skills?

Grandmother: And my friends have been my mainstay all my life. When I was younger, there were a number of people who didn't understand the fierce loyalty I felt towards friends. It has been worth it.

JC: Thanks!!!!!

Mermaid: Thank you for the compliment and you are right about the smile.

Baino: Men do like the tousled look, even on us older broads. Funny you bring that up. My husband loves it too.

Ruth: I write about it because I wonder who else is wondering. I like to read a blog w/ the same name as mine only in French: She's been celebrating the "faces of different decades" for several weeks now. She began w/ alot of movie stars, models etc who are now in their 50s, 60s, 70s. She's moved on to readers willing to send in their photographs and ages. I didn't participate but was curious nonetheless. The famous women, with a few exceptions, looked over-botoxed,over-plastic surgeried; just what you'd expect. The "regular" women were an interesting mix. Some looked younger than their age; some just looked old, playing up the fact most of us don't have the means or desire to crank up the face and neck. Needless to say, it didn't change my perspective.

I find it incredibly amusing to no longer dislike photos of myself I once despised. I suppose I'll look back on this time and feel the same way.

Linda Myers said...

I've never taken photographs very well, even when I was young and vital looking! Recently, though, I have found my "pose" smile for friends who insist on taking pictures. That makes it a little better.

I like myself so much better these days that when I look in the mirror I just consider that old person as the body that carries my wise spirit around. That makes it easier - a little easier, anyway.

California Girl said...

Linda Myers: If it were just about wisdom...well! I'd be all set. Seriously, I know you are right. Oldhabits & viewpoints & self-images die hard.

Nancy said...

I think you are all very beautiful women. Natural and full of life. I like having wrinkles and gray hair (mostly). I have no need to look like my daughters. I had my day, and I earned the right to look like my years.

A Beer for the Shower said...

As a 'young pup,' I think you look great. Also, I'm noticing slight changes in my face, but nothing drastic yet. I was cursed with a baby face. Hell, last year a woman asked me what I was studying in school... I'm almost 30...

injaynesworld said...

I feel the same way. Never liked having my photo taken -- even when I was in my 20s and was a model. Go figure. Kind of like liking the beach except for the sand. Anyway, you're adorable! Happy Birthday, my friend.

California Girl said...

Nancy: we're "natural and full of life" all right! Not one of us is ready to go grey, however. My friends are surprisingly not into face lifts. They have the money for it but none has gone under the knife.

Beer: You made my day. Thanks. I see why women become cougars. hahaha! Baby faces stay youthful. You're in luck. I haven't been carded since I was 19.

Jayne: Great analogy. You and my BF would hve much in common...except for that size 4 ass of yours. She's probably a 6.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

loving seeing the snaps of you and some of your buds!

i much prefer being the camera operator rather than the subject - but this isn't new to aging....


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