Monday, October 5, 2009

The Road I've Taken Part 2

I've received so many nice comments on the last post, I've added more photos from my husband's collection.  These are shots from our neck o' the mountains.

Bretton Woods 2

Autumn Barn

Side Tracked

I'll be adding new Fall photos to Empty Nest Evolution after lunch!


Ruth said...

I knew your husband was good, but wow, he is REALLY good.

I take it that's him on the sidebar, Cole Scott? These are like paintings.

lakeviewer said...

OHHHHH! Lovely!

Ruth said...

I'm feeling rather "duh-ish" after leaving my first comment. Of course that's him on the sidebar. :|

Came back for another look. :)

Susan said...

I love that abandoned railroad car and the long unused tracks covered with leaves! Such beautiful images all!

California Girl said...

Ruth: He won't mind if you take a second and third and fourth look. He doesn't toot his horn. I do. I think he has the most wonderful eye. You do as well.

Lake: thank you!

Susan: We have an active, tourist generating train depot in the center of town. I'm guessing he took this there altho' I don't really know. Trains are always alot of fun.

JC said...

Very nice ...

Nancy said...

You live in the most beautiful place for fall color. Lucky you! And your husband is an amazing photographer.

California Girl said...

JC: thank you mucho.

Nance: He's going to start printing on canvas and wrappiing around an inside frame, it's known as gallery wrapping (no external frame required) and has been quite popular with giclee paintings for about 5 yrs. Now it's catching on with photographers.

Coffee Messiah said...

Beautiful and sidetracked is a favorite as I look at these and the previous ones.

Shadows and leaves ; )

Cheers 2 U both!

Anonymous said...

Those colors are really striking and the scenes are memory-makers.

Here is the answer to your question about my blog you saw.

Reply to California Girl...

I did it myself using the "Professional" template from

I did the separate background in Photoshop.

I like the blues. I have several other blogs using these same colors and designs. Follow those on the navigation bar to see them all.

Linda Pendleton said...

Very nice photos.


by Cole Scott