Saturday, October 10, 2009

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

I am very surprized by the astonishment, dismay and criticism of President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Honest to God, even the damn news anchors are confused by this.

Rachel Maddow is not one of them.  Here's her take on whether or not there is a precedent for  "too soon".
You be the judge.


Linda Pendleton said...

I am pleased that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He has brought repect back to our country and has opened lines of communication in regards to peace around the world. It is too bad that those Americans of the media and the country who will say everything they can to discredit our President in all ways, would look at how lucky Americans are to have an intelligent, articulate, and visionary man leading our country now. He has given the world a feeling of hope and change.

Nancy said...

I love Rachel.

lettuce said...

I admit to being surprised by the news - but I think that reflects my ignorance of the history of the Prize more than anything, and now I know better.

but I'm more surprised by the nature and extent of the criticism of the award over there. blimey.

very good video link, thankyou.

Minka said...

Obviously, I don't know all the people that run different shows, shown in this video, beginning with Rachel Maddow, never heard of her.
I hope time will show her perspective is the right one. I'm not smart enough to be sure about it, but I tend to believe so, yes.

Also, the Nobel Prize can show Americans the perspective of the rest of the world, or a great part of t at least.

Congratulations, Obama! Live up to it!

Reya Mellicker said...

I was taken aback by our reaction to this good news, too. Bizarre!

Coffee Messiah said...

If it weren't for Rachel & Keith, I might have to start digging out an underground hiding place, like they did in the 50s ; (

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