Friday, November 6, 2009

The Big News

Home Sweet Home

Well blogging friends, our lives are changing, again! 

We sold our home of the past eleven years in one day.  It hit the MLS Sat 10/24.  Sun 10/25 was the first showing and the couple made an offer that night.  They offered $25k below asking and we simply said "No".  They came back with a full price, all cash, no contingencies offer.  I cried like a baby.  We signed the papers Mon 10/26.  Home inspection, the next hurdle, was Fri 10/30.


Home inspection went swimmingly...clean as a whistle!   How many people inhabit a 25 yr old home which they maintain but still hasn't any problems?  We must be living right!

Next hurdle, and this is the biggie...we have to be out by Dec 3rd.  No last Thanksgiving or Christmas in our beloved home.  Our older son won't stay here again as he doesn't come home for the holidays til Dec 15th. Son # 2, newly returned from Europe made it back just in time to help to his father.  They are gonna have to haul ass as well as furniture!

Living Room

It's been a work in progress since we bought it and we've loved every second in this beautiful place.    We did a major structural renovation when we first took possession.  My husband has since done the majority of painting, repairing, building, tiling, wood paneling, wainscoting, etc.  The kitchen was my contribution.  I started renovations on 9-11.  All the guys who worked on it were there when the towers were hit, a terrible day indeed.  None of those guys has forgotten my kitchen!  I'll sure miss it.

Most of all I'll miss my home and the memories of my children growing up there.  When they were young, they felt isolated because it sits atop a small mountain.  Now, as young men, they appreciate the location and the lovely views.  They too are sad but their lives will go on, taking them away from this house.

Dining Room

The next five weeks will be hectic and stressful but we'll get through.  We are moving into my mother in law's large two story farm house.  It's about 20 min away.  We'll live upstairs and she'll live downstairs.  She's 83 now and, since my FIL died in July, quite lonely.  No idea how this will go but we're giving it a shot.  It could be best for all concerned. She's protected, her home will be maintained, we'll lower our overhead and make plans for a new phase in our lives.


Just thought I'd share a few of the wonderful photos my husband took for the realtor web site.  He's captured the essence of our house.

As he puts it, "There's not a room, or even a corner, I haven't touched." 

There isn't a room or a corner that hasn't touched us as well.


Poetikat said...

Lovely home. No wonder it sold so quickly. I really like that red wall and your family room is the colour that runs throughout MY house.

Still, it is sad to give up something that's been your life for such a long time. Then again, new horizons beckon and new places to love. Right?

RNSANE said...

I am not sure how I chanced upon your blog...perhaps the name caught me...I am a CA girl for over thirty years near San Francisco, a GA transplant. I am so impressed by your beautiful must be VERY difficult to leave it. I can see all the love and joy this special place held for you.

It sounds like you are making this major change for good reasons and I know you will make the best of it. I wish you well and I will continue to follow your lovely blog.

California Girl said...

PKat: thank you for your kind thoughts. It is hard but change is always hard foot in front of another.

RN: Thank you for visiting and welcome! I'm pleased you like the blog and I am a CA girl born & raised living in the northeast now, freezing my tail. Pleease come often and thank you for the good wishes.

Tanna (The Brick Street Bungalow) said...

CG, wow! So this is what has been on your mind of late. Big change. Letting go. Moving on. Quickly, no less! Whew. It must have been time. Exciting, too!

Your home is lovely; no wonder it was only on the market one day! A well-loved, well-lived-in haven.

I suspect more change is in the works. =)

Marguerite said...

Wow, congratulations! I know that it will be hard to leave that beautiful home, but exciting, at the same time. And it's great how it worked out with your MIL. A farmhouse sounds charming. Gorgeous photos, too! Maybe you should consider moving to Louisiana! :) Best of luck with the move! Cheers!

Pop and Ice said...

What a gorgeous house; it must be surely hard to leave. But it's great that you've got a temporary abode already waiting for you and time to figure out what to do next. What a luxury!

Baino said...

Wow it's a big place! In a single day! Crikey I should be so lucky, we've been for sale for 4 years (mind you mine is a development site so they'll eventually bulldoze the house). Cross your fingers and toes for me because I'm desperately ready for a new life, a new home, a new start. Congratubloodylations!

lettuce said...

it is a beautiful home - I'm glad the sale has all gone so easily, i'm guessing that must help reduce the impact.

what a change! I hope the next few weeks are manageable

(book that massage now!)

Ruth said...

My hat's off to you and your husband, this is one of those things we always wondered if we "could" or "would" do, though it hasn't been a real question yet, or a decision we had to make. It must be hard to leave such a beautiful home that you've put so much into.

Terrific that you sold it so quickly in these hard days, even with its great appeal.

And say, how did you post a photo below the comments? I've never seen that. Maybe it's a new Blogger trick?

California Girl said...

Tanna: I think you're right. I think "more change is in the works". I feel it. Funny how that happens...nothing of ntoe for long periods and then, poof, everything begins to change.

Marguerite: after numerous trips to New Orleans, we used to talk about living there. But, too far from everything and everyone we know although I think we'd have had alot more visitors than we ever had here. I thought our oldest friends in CA would have wanted to see New England but only a few visited over the years, sad to say.

Pop You're right. The fact we have to move so quickly will keep the sadness at bay.

Baino: We are lucky and we know it. Some force is definitely at work in our lives. I wonder about it but I try not to question it. We had a home in California, the one before this, that was on and off the market 6 of the 8 yrs we owned it. That was during the recession of 90-96, My mother died in early 97 and we put it back on and it sold to the fourth person who saw it and they gave us 6 wks to be out. Again, it was a mysterious force at work in our lives. Once you sell, your life will change dramatically too. I'll be interested to hear about it in your always amusing writing.

Lettuce: I'm already thinking about the next massage. I hope whatever is going on in your life settles down for you.

Ruth: thank you. I didn't post a photo below the comments. I double checked to see what you're referring to but don't see it on my computer. Sounds like a neat trick though.

...mmm... said...

What a gorgeous home. Can't wait to see your new one at some point. good luck with everything.

Skye said...

I'm sure the move will be hard, but somehow I believe you're doing it for the best of reasons! Cheers

ArtSparker said...

Wow, what a change, I'm sure it will be both exhilarating and melancholy. Best wishes for a smooth transition.

Anonymous said...

It is tough to sell a house these days but your house seems to be one just featured in Better Homes and Gardens and that should help sell it. I hope it all worls out for you and you mom.


by Cole Scott