Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nobody Does Bin Laden Better Than Stewart

I'd rather get my news from The Daily Show than anywhere. There's always a good laugh even when the news isn't so funny. This is the BEST "take" on the elimination of Osama Bin Laden I've seen. He also skewers Trump...again.



Ruth said...

I enjoyed this SO much. He is just hilarious. The part about Abbottabibod and New Yorkers!

Wendilea said...

Thanks for posting CG.... missed the big announcement as it was way past my bedtime. This is how I like my news as well!

Expat From Hell said...

This was great. I listed to the Daily Show while staring at the Cumes painting. Glad I stopped by this morning - thanks for putting this up! EFH

Judy said...

I agree totally!

Grandmother said...

Jon Stewart is brilliant. And funny in an original, hilarious way. That said, I'm disturbed by the unmitigated glee a man's death is causing.


by Cole Scott