Saturday, February 6, 2010

Face Off: Stewart vs O'Reilly

The complete Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly interview from last Wed., Feb 3.  Surprisingly civilized, they still manage to zing one another in a low key sort of way.  Stewart says that O'Reilly is now "the Mr. Miyagi of Fox", i.e., he seems almost normal;  the others having  "metastasized" around him (O'Reilly).    O'Reilly refers to Jon Stewart's viewers as "stoned slackers" and his (Stewart's) writers as "pinheads."  It's long but worth the watch if you like either of them.  Great publicity too; not the first time they've been together.

But, hey!  Judge for yourself. 


Anonymous said...

Gosh. I had no idea. I love television but I only had the one experience with doing it. Thank god for pre-recorded stuff. Thanks for the visit too.

I like this Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly used to be one of my favorites until he got to bragging he was making the money for Fox and everyone else was secondary. Some of that was or is true but the brag is what turned me off.

Grandma Nina said...

Hi CG, I really like Bill O'Reilly. I don't always agree with Jon Stewart but like his humor. I missed this particular show.

Nancy said...

Thanks for posting this. I can't believe I ever liked Bill O'Reilly. All the cheap shots got old. Stewart held his own, however.


by Cole Scott