Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google's Parisian Parody

Rather than blah blah blah about Sarah Palin's stupid handwritten notes to herself (why give her another headline?) I am instead posting the parody of the superb Google ad from the Super Bowl the other night. As parodies go, this is more poignant than funny. I find it equally compelling. By the way, I lifted this from one of my favorite bloggers in the ad world. Thanks Ad Broad!


Deborah said...

First I had to watch the real thing, which was lovely and clever and heartwarming. Then the parody, which was a bit poignant indeed. But in its own way, just as heartwarming, regardless of your point of view.

I don't always get to all the blogs I like as I'm trying to get a handle on my addiction, so if I'm not always here, it's certainly not because I've lost interest! Thanks for your response to my comment the other day.

RNSANE said...

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by Cole Scott