Sunday, June 7, 2009

Referencing My Last Post

I've read and re-read the comments on my last post and one of then particularly resonates. Sixpence and a Blue Moon remarks she's heard Cheney's daughter is going to "run for something..." and "his poll numbers...going up?". This got me to thinking about the Republican strategy.

The Republicans have no clear cut candidate as of yet. Mitt is trying his best to get air time whenever and wherever. Newt Gingrich continues to make the talk shows. It's just too early to tell. Laying groundwork and testing waters is the best strategy for now.

Which brings up the suddenly ubiquitous Dick Cheney. Why is he all over the air waves? Why is he making the political rounds, firing up the faithful? Is older daughter, Elizabeth, going to run for an office? She's suddenly a news/talk show darling. Her political ambitions could explain Dick's sudden and constant presence on the media trail. Perhaps he's paving the way, keeping the Cheney name front and center until such time as a proper announcement can be made. Political folk live by poll numbers. The fact that anyone reports poll numbers on Cheney at all is a warning signal.

The idea of Dick Cheney running for anything is a frightening thing. I would think, after the heart surgery, running for President would be out of the question. But, "absolute power corrupts absolutely"so who knows? Or, is this about the transfer of power?

Perhaps it's all about his upcoming memoirs his political daughter, Elizabeth, is helping write. Nobody's gonna buy a book by a guy who's no longer news.

Last week he publicly endorsed same sex marriage. Some political pundits say the Republican party will never accept Cheney's stance on same sex marriage because it doesn't jibe with the religious right. But others aren't so sure. There is speculation the religious right may be in political withdrawal; that their power is diminishing. It's possible Cheney is simply supporting his younger daughter, Mary. She came out in 2004 and presented the Cheneys with a baby in 2007. That had to be one hell of a PR issue at the time.

What I do believe is the ongoing public appearances, sound bites and PR are not happenstance. They are purposeful and there is an agenda. We just don't know the agenda.
And, forgive me if I'm just a bit skeptical but I wonder what his position would be if his younger daughter were heterosexual?


Reya Mellicker said...

Dick Cheney is the devil. He is. He is so evil it really creeps me out to see him.

Hey ... sorry to hear your extended family is going through something. Sending good energy in your direction.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I got goose bumps reading this post it is so scary.
I am in complete agreement with Reya, he is so evil - He looks it. He talks it.

It was on Chris Matthews that they were talking about his poll numbers going up; and that is so scary to me. There is definitely an agenda here, but who knows what. His daughter is a carbon copy of her father. Right now, I think it is a frightening thing to think about, whoever will be the candidate. I would like to think no one would have a snowballs chance in he$$ against Obama, but then, I didn't think it was possible for Bush to get re-elected. And the plate Obama was handed, well; it's an impossible one to fix in four years.

My guess as to where the Cheney's would stand on gays if his daughter was not - I think we know exactly where he and his family would be on this issue, right where all the others are.

Isn't it an odd coincidence that when the Republicans are personally affected with a 'so-called liberal' issue such as gays, stem-cell research, they are all for it!?

Makes me wonder, if Sarah Palin were a poor woman, with no health insurance, no income to help take care of a down-syndrome child, with none of the benefits that she is privileged to have, would she still have made the same choice?

OMG, I can tell we could have some lengthy conversations.:)

I love your thoughts on politics.

Pop and Ice said...

I'm just confused. The Cheney's were all basically *unavailable* for the last 8 years and now you can't turn on the TV or read any political article without some mention of them!

I truly hope you ARE correct about there being a split between the Republican Party and the Religious Right. It would be nice to have a real choice in elections that didn't hinge on religious views and could we PLEASE have some church and state separation here people!!

Lover of Life said...

Oh, I think there is no doubt there is something going on with Evil Dick. He doesn't do anything without it benefiting something he wants. He spent eight years in Washington and couldn't give an interview, and now you can't turn on the television without looking at his ugly mug. Very scary business.

Ima Wizer said...

Cheney IS the "Axis of Evil" and a perfect example of what went wrong in the Bush regime!
Thank God for our ability to see through this person.

California Girl said...

Reya: Thanks for the good energy. We need it.

Sixpence: Yes, why do the Republicans support so-called "liberal" issues only when they are personally affected? Perhaps any support is good support but it seems hypocritical.

Pop: I am not the one who suggests there is a schism between Republicans and the Religious Right but I have been reading more and more that they are no longer in synch. Some has to do with McCain as the last presidential nominee, some say it's the retirement of James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, an extremely influential group. Separation of church and state? What's that?

LOL: Yes, what is it though?

Ima: If you were to paint him, what would he look like?

Greg said...

where theres smoke theres fire, they are making some type of move.

California Girl said...

Greg: I totally agree.

Linda Pendleton said...

Yes, I think Chaney is up to no good, which he is so good at. And hey, we thought we were rid of him.

Ima Wizer said...

California: He'd look like the Devil.........because he IS the Devil.

Judy said...

I find it fascinating that the rebranding of the GOP seems to be falling on the shoulders of two (blonde) daughters. Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain. It’s refreshing to see women in the GOP….but I’m skeptical. Thanks for posting this…. I had missed it.

California Girl said...

Linda: ditto

Ima: I thought so.

Judy: I can hear Jon Lovitt now parodying an RNC member as the Great Liar: "yeah...that's the ticket...we'll go blonde...they'll never know what him 'em!"

Judy said...

HEEE HEEE..... you made me laugh- California Girl....

Going blonde is the answer to many of life's problems! ?


by Cole Scott