Friday, June 5, 2009

More "Dick" from Jon Stewart

The vacation photos have been great but it's time to get back to current events. It's been a while since I included some Cheney bashing from The Daily Show. This excerpt aired Wednesday night. Cheney covers everything from sanctifying same sex marriage (no personal stake here) to disavowing knowledge received from former White House member of the Senior Executive Service and counter-terrorism expert,Richard Clarke. I still can't believe we tolerated EIGHT YEARS OF THIS GUY!
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Pop and Ice said...

Oh God, I cannot listen to any more *Dick Cheney*. He's like the undead that just keep coming back and coming back. Argggggh! Just freakin go away! Go bother your wife and kids for a while!

Lover of Life said...

I could not believe he blamed Dick Clarke for 911 - the one guy that tried to tell them an attack was coming! The absolute gall of this guy! If I was Clarke, I would sue Chaney for defamation of character.

Ruth said...

Does his deceitfulness work on anyone?

Yes, I guess it does - the ones who want to believe, have to believe.

So painful!

Baino said...

It's embarassing that we actually believed these guys at the time . . .you'd think he'd have the noblesse to actually shut up these days. Thank you for reminding us of the deceit and hopefully next time, and yes there will be another time, the world will be a little more cautious before jumping in at the deep end!

Mary Ellen said...

I don't think this last decade will ever make real sense to me - but I hope people don't develop total amnesia about it, or a combination of lies and fear-mongering will have its way with us again.

Linda Pendleton said...

That man is nuts and I wish he go back into some cave somewhere. How does he look at his deceitful face in the mirror every morning? Or do all these recent appearances and comments come from his guilty conscious??

Susan said...

At least George Bush has had the decency to go away and stay away and not keep reminding us that THIS b.s. is what we had to live with for eight loooooooonnnnng years! Why the he&& doesn't he go back into his "undisclosed location" where he belongs!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I can't believe we are STILL tolerating him. And now, there is talk that his daughter is going to run for something? The hair on my skin stands up when I look at him or hear his voice. They said on MSNBC this week that his poll numbers were going up? I don't get it.


by Cole Scott