Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ABC Turns Real Tragedy Into Soap Opera

Is anyone besides me embarrassed by ABC's shameless title & promotion of their "interview" between Diane Sawyer and Mark Kelly, husband of injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords that aired last night? 

No, I didn't watch the interview; did not have to.  The endless plugs for the show were enough to make me gag.  Yes, Mark Kelly agreed to be interviewed.  But did he agree to such a maudlin marketing approach?  This is a real tragedy folks.  Six people died. 

Today they couldn't wait to toot their ratings horn: 
Special Edition of "20/20" with Diane Sawyer Reporting “The Congresswoman & the Astronaut: An American Story of Love and Strength” Was Second Among Total Viewers at 10PM   abcnews
Shame on you, ABC.  Why didn't you just put Barbara Walters on it and call it what it is:  exploitation. 


Susan said...

It's all about ratings no matter how they want to dress it up. You're right, they should be ashamed, but any of the other network shows would have done the same, given the same opportunity. I'm glad I didn't watch it.

Wendilea said...

I totally agree with you and its the reason I no longer watch TV... especially not the "news." Its a shameful business.

DJan said...

I didn't watch it or even know it was on. Glad to know I missed it. I prefer to get my news from the internet because I can pick and choose what I want to see.

Star said...

I wish, wish, wish they'd put more 'good news' on the TV. Wouldn't that be nice. I'm sure there is plenty of it, it just doesn't get reported.

Nancy said...

I didn't watch it - for all the reasons listed. In fact, I never watch any of it anymore. What news I need to know, I get from the internet. I'm tired of the media, and who controls it.

Coffee Messiah said...

What's TV news????

Also, yesterday on NPR on a drive for coffee, we actually heard, for the first time, exactly what the plan does and does not cover and how much you have to make in order to "have to" purchase and believe if the dems weren't so afraid to do something and mentioned all this instead of letting the repugs slam and make things up, so many would not have believed the lies.

Sounded like yesterday when they voted to repeal, the dems actually got up and told the truth in response to the made up shit - about time.

Things just might get interesting if they keep it up.

Thanks for stopping by - haven't been a good blogger for awhile ; (

Cheers to you and yours!

injaynesworld said...

I didn't watch it but, like you, saw the promos and that was pretty much enough. I can't even imagine why he's want to do the interview.

Baino said...

Well you know full well what I think about media sensationalism Sucks

Anonymous said...

News is manufactured – at least what you get to see on TV, read in the newspapers and hear on the radio. Diane Sawyer or Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olberman are basically all the same.

California Girl said...

Jayne: The promos were unbelievable. I thought they were promoting a TV Movie of the Week.

Baino: "sucks" is right.

Abe: They pick what they want to pick and it's all about ratings. The Old Guard like Murrow, Sevareid, Alistair Cooke, are turning over in their graves.

Mama Zen said...

Can't believe I managed to miss this!

RNSANE said...

I didn't watch it, either. Thankfully, I chose to get my news via the internet. TV news is appalling as are all the network news magazine shows.


by Cole Scott