Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writer's Block or Depression?

Caribbean Holiday by Laura Trevey

I have been unable to find a topic I wanted to write about this past week.  I may have writer's block.  I may just be depressed.  I usually have so much I want to write I keep a list so as not to forget my topics.  However, that is not the case of late.  I post once a week to Empty Next Evolution thanks to Theme Thursday. But that blog is suffering too. This blog, so often a mixture of political POV from the female perspective, is stumping me right now.

I am still reading the book "Game Change" but it's slow going as I come home tired from work and just flake out.  The news has been so depressing of late, what with Haiti, the President's many dilemmas, the economy.  I find work to be difficult as well.  We've had strange weather in the east, heavy snow followed by torrential rain.  Doesn't do much for the economy in our ski town.  People seem to be walking about in a daze, unsure of tomorrow and worrying, worrying, worrying.  Me too.

I need a vacation.  I chose this piece of art by Laura Trevey because the title  reflects my desire to get away from it all.  I'm getting ready to watch the State of the Union.  I don't expect to hear anything I don't already know.  But I would like to hear that the vision is there and a plan is in place.    One constantly has to reinforce one's sense of values. This goes ten fold for the President.

You know, if you look closely at this water color, it has a very stormy appearance.  Trees in a strong wind.  Perhaps I picked an appropos painting after all.


Ruth said...

With these tough times I am not too anxious to watch the State of the Union in 5 minutes myself.

I say let's just be easy on ourselves and live with what is this week. I used to always have posts lined up waiting to be posted too, but not now.

My friend Inge once said she just decided to accept being sad. She said when she said to herself, I don't have to be happy, it's ok to be sad, she realized she at least wasn't resisting it. Interesting, no?

JC said...

Paradise might be sunny in the mornings but by late afternoon a wind picks up and blows the waves in shore. Things go a flying. In the evening, a sweater is needed on those shoulders that were oh so warm. Thus, is life. I'm always ready to wake up to the sunshine but just in case the wind stayed .. that's what tea & coffee are for.

(Just my thoughts on your pic & your blog)

DawnTreader said...

I was feeling a bit like that last week. Sometimes even with a list of topics you've previously thought about, you might not have the inspiration to make something of them at just any time. I arrived at the conclusion (for my own part, just now) that it need not be neither writer's block nor serious depression... Just tiredness...

Deborah said...

Maybe a change of scene or activity would be the catalyst you need. Can you get away? Or just do something out of the ordinary? See someone you haven't seen for a long time?
Winter weather and dispiriting things in the news does have its effect on many of us, or sometimes it's just the fact of doing the same old things that makes enthusiasm disappear. Wishing you luck in finding your spark again.

Baino said...

What is going on? Two of my commenters are on "sanity leave" another three are having problems posting and thinking about quitting . .another has been forced off his blog due to threats from spammers . . .ahhh . . it happens to us all. Take a little break. Breathe some fresh air and come back fresh. There is more to life than blogging.

Judy said...

I hear ya! I'm stuck in the same place as you....
Did Obama make you feel better at all?
PS:I LOVE the painting!

California Girl said...

Ruth: I read your wise comment and that of your friend Inge this AM. I appreciate them both and finally found the time to tell you so. Thanks.

JC: your insight is spot on. I do tend to wake up happy in the morning and as the day slips away so does my good mood.

DT: Fatigue is definitely part of my problem. I try to get 7 hrs a night but I'm not so sure I sleep deeply enough.

Deborah: my husband has convinced me to take off tomorrow. We're going to the big city for lunch and spa treatments.

Baino: Perhaps writer's block/fatigue is in the air? Or, after the first flush of happiness with the new year, we're suddenly faced with the prospect of the next 11 mos?

Judy: Yes. Obama did make me feel better. I really listened to and appreciated his speech. It is a cool painting, I agree.

Coffee Messiah said...

Since we finally got rid of cable, except for this, I only listen to podcasts of Olberman/Maddow and the like at work or here at home, and enjoy it much better. Leaves more time for more creative aspects of life.

When I read the plans for last evenings speech, I saw nothing that would affect me or others I know in a positive way, so I didn't watch. This morning I saw a few clips and am still amazed anyone takes the repubs seriously, when they whine and only want things there way. I guess everything they managed to put through to get us to where we are (dems too, but not to the same extent)is the road they want to continue to travel. I hope the young people will continue to vote and common sense rears its head for a change soon.

Grrr,...........getting too old and getting too close to the reaper to let this idiots ruin our lives, such as they are.

Er, sorry.......... ; (

California Girl said...

CM: I love your rants. Never stop!

Mary Ellen said...

For some reason, I skipped out on the SOTU speech. I'm also a bit depressed by it all (PLUS a long stretch of hovering-around-zero weather). Hope doing the writing helped clear some space in your brain - and hope things pick up in your end of the world.


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