Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, the casualties, destruction and news keeps growing out of Haiti.  Yet the lead stories on the early shows this morning, i.e. CBS Morning News, GMA & Today, were about Conan & Leno or Edwards admitting he's fathered the 2 yr old by the mistress he had during his presidential campaign.

Wow.  Talk about burying the lead. 


Baino said...

Haiti's still top of the heap here on all channels but some very skewed stories coming out of there as well. I hate tabloid TV and newspapers for that reason. Such shallow shit.

lettuce said...

its beyond sickening, isn't it?

Whitney Lee said...

Amazing how the public seems to eat up all the personal crap stories and miss the bigger picture...Maybe it makes everyone feel better about their own lives.

Thanks for visiting my blog! In answer to your questions, I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and am happily married. When I refer to the 3 of us I mean me and the kids. I am a stay at home mom and my husband works an 8-5 job but is also in a band which takes up a couple of nights a week at least. Therefore, it's often just me and my daughter and my soon to be son. I'm happy to answer the question and you didn't tread on toes!

Coffee Messiah said...

Er, seems like plenty of Haiti & the election of Brown, but not much on the latest Supreme Court decision in favor of corporations ; (

Seems the retreat of gw hasn't changed anything much ; (

Anonymous said...

It is called "Managed News" and begins at the White House with Robert Gibbs and then your local news as well as the national news is decided upon by a group of network executives. You only see what is recommended and what comes out of those meetings. There used to be some exceptions, namely the BBC news.

News is more about commercials and making money and news readers than news and always has been.

That's why I never watch the news but have learned a lot more about what is going on just on the Internet than from any newscast or from any newspaper. We don't get a newspaper either.

Your post tells the same story as what I just said. I wonder if you still subscribe to a newspaper or watch the evening news? If you do, then in a way you are promoting the way it was.

I just read about newspaper readership on the decline all over the world and newspapers as big as the New York Times are trying to figure out how to make money on the Internet. tried it and got only 35 paying subscribers at $5.00 each. They are belly up.

California Girl said...

Hi Abraham: I get my news from alot of sources, CNN, Morning shows, Evening News (I channel surf btw the 3 networks & no, I don't consider Fox a network). I also love the talking heads like Jon Stewart, Colbert and, to a lesser extent, Ohlbermann (SP?) and Rachel. I skim the NY Times for info and read a number of political blogs. It is somewhat overwhelming. I've taken a break lately and I realize that when I do, I have less to write about. hence, no post since last Thu.

I grew up reading two newspapers. Dad subscribed to the LA Times & Herald Examiner. He was a real news junkie, what with his political mags, etc. I am becoming one myself; something I didn't have much interest in when I was younger.

NY Times announced last wk they'll be going for the paid subscriber model, again. We'll see what happens.

RNSANE said...

I confess, I hardly read a newspaper anymore...most of my news is online or on television. I'm at my computer so much, at least I can keep up with late breaking news that way!


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