Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Game Change" a Page Turner

I haven't finished the book, "Game Change" yet but it is a page turner like no other political tome I've read.  If you were into the 2008 presidential race, this is the book for you.  I began reading it last Wednesday.

It's been criticized on a number of levels as it is without footnotes or references, all stories being delivered from sources the authors deem reliable, those with whom they've worked for years.  The authors' contention is that few, if any, would be forthcoming about behind-the-scenes campaign experiences if they had to be publicity outed.  As such, the caveat emptor here is "grain of salt".  Be that as it may, it reads like a suspense novel.  You cannot put it down.

Not sure why it's been characterized as critical of Hillary.  I think the portrait of her seems balanced and fair.  Who the hell would run for president & not be overwhelmed, exhausted &/or arrogant from time to time?  The remark Harry Reid made about then Sen. Obama's light skin & speaking abilities (lacking a dialect) seems taken out of the context in which he spoke.  I have no love for Harry Reid.  He's a pompous ass.  But I doubt if what he said was much different than what most of the cognoscenti said when considering Obama's chances as a black presidential candidate.  It's all about electability.

The most surprising thing I've learned, thus far,besides the Elizabeth Edwards revelations, is how long the candidates prepare to be candidates.  It is years in the making.  I'm not talking about the youthful yearnings to be POTUS; I'm talking about the years during which potential candidates lay the groundwork themselves in their policy no matter their political standing or office (or no office) at the time.  They assemble their teams years in advance to assess the landscape.  They begin to raise money furtively.  Talk about your well-oiled machine.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I ordered it a couple of days ago from Amazon - can't wait to read it. I allowed the American political scene to captivate me in 2008 as a distraction from my daughter's diagnosis of cancer and her major thoracic surgery. It was a way to escape the pain and fear. So I recall all the details and will be interested to read what was actually going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I have almost lost all trust or faith in our politicians.

California Girl said...

Hi Bonnie, so happy to hear from you. I hope 2010 is a good year for you and the rest of us.

California Girl said...

Abraham: I know what you mean. The more you know, the less you believe. I doubt they are any more corrupt than the "old days". Let's face it, it's a tough racket and as the saying goes, paraphrased:

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Coffee Messiah said...

From the beginning of time, there are those outside the box who try to change things, and they seem to go by the wayside, but those who perpetuate the game, stay in it, no matter what.

Couldn't do it, and have enough trouble working within the system of the workplace as it is.

Nancy said...

And then once they get to Washington they turn into political hacks that care only about keeping their jobs. I have never felt as negative as I do right now regarding our political system. We're looking to relocate. Out of the country.

California Girl said...

CM: I know. I couldn't do it either. And you are correct, workplace politics are enough. I happen to be enjoying a job w/ very few right now.

Nancy: My husband has brought up leaving the country since Dubya was elected the first time. I would love to leave but I'm the bread winner and I have the insurance policy. Where do you guys think you'd go and how serious are you? My understanding is Canada, always a first choice for me, doesn't really want Americans up there competing in the job force. I'd also like to go to Mexico, in fact, was seriously beginning to plan long-term it when all the drug war shit hit the fan across that country.


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