Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A "Game Change" on Fox

I rarely, if ever, run out and buy a book the day it is released.  I wait for my BOMC catalog or the second hand book store to carry it.  "Game Change" elicited a different response.  I saw the authors interviewed on three programs in two days and I had to have it!
I went to my local independent book store to ostensibly buy a birthday card for my husband, which I did, and picked up the book as well.  I approach it with some caution; after all, it's spin about spin.  But, this last campaign was so exciting, so unexpected, had so much drama, the characters couldn't have been better crafted if they'd been authored by Mamet, Wilder or Shakespeare.  So, what's a little over-the-top?

Speaking of  "over the top", Sarah Palin is now a Fox news analyst.  Should be interesting.


Nancy said...

Let us know how it reads. I've been watching the same interviews.

As for Sarah - does this surprise anyone? She has always been about Sarah. No time to work at what the voters voted her in for - she's off to make some MONEY. What is truly terrifying - what if she was vice president and a heart beat away from the presidency? She's not very expensive.

Judy said...

Glad you posted on this! I'm not surprised by her move to Fox... It's were she belongs, rather than the White House.
Darn, I'm only sorry I gave up cable TV and can't watch Fox to get a good laugh.

Shattered said...

I'm interested to read this book as well. I have little room for politics but this one might be a bit different. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the book.

California Girl said...

Nancy, Judy, Shattered: It sounds juicy. I will let you all know when I begin. Right now, I'm finishing a novel called "American Wife", a somewhat thinly veiled story about a Laura Bush like woman & her unanticipated rise to FLOTUS. If you're curious, copy this link for a review by Maureen Dowd:

Baino said...

Is that woman still around? Fox deserves her. I'm embarrassed that the station's owned by a 'former' Australian. Good old Rupert became an American citizen just to do business there and dupe you good people into believing that Fox and news are synonymous!


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