Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Redux

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was joined by my sons, newly returned from a 17 month journey through Australasia.  It was wonderful.  Having them back is a gift. They bring meaning to my life in a way no one else can.  This obvious truth was patently present during their absence.  Being a mom is a wonderful thing.  It may not be for everyone but, for me, it has changed my life for the better.

My mother was an incredibly loving person.  She rarely judged anyone, let alone me. Other people didn't seem to bother her.  I am grateful for her loving hand.  Were it not for her, I might be exactly like my dad: judgmental, outspoken, sometimes quite rude.  As it is, I always have hope I may temper those dominant qualities with her gentle approach.

I miss her more than I can say.



bill lisleman said...

Good looking sons. 17 months - wow that's a long trip. Anything to share with us about their journey?
Oh, I'm sure the camera just caught you at an unusual angle but you didn't have too much wine did you?
He does appear to be holding you up a little there.

une femme said...

What a lovely picture! So happy for you that you have them back home.

DJan said...

They are fine looking men. I think you are definitely very lucky to have them around, even if you had to wait for a while. A long while. :-)

California Girl said...

Bill, well, we did have champagne & then Bloodies. But, I'm not much of a mid-day drinker so, no, they aren't holding me up. My husband likes to take 20 snaps to find one good one and I was leaning over acting silly.

California Girl said...

Pseu, They are good guys. The eldest, soon to be 27, is on the left. He's the one with the Sideshow Bob hair. His brother is 14 mos younger and prefers the clean cut approach. Me too!

California Girl said...

DJan, I missed them so much. Bill wants to know if there are stories to tell (on their end). I think they must have shot at least 500 GoPro videos while away. We've watched, perhaps, 30. Some are very short. The wildlife in Australia is fascinating. The little wallabees are so beautiful & sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking sons. Bet they have lots of stories from their adventures.

I chuckled when I read your parental unit descriptions. I am your dad.

California Girl said...

dkzody, I had to read and re-read your last sentence until it dawned on me what you meant. You're cranky and opinionated, etc., like my dad. Right?

Thanks for visiting & commenting. I'm headed to your blog now. I see you're a Californian.


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