Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I. Am. Back.

I am totally unable to account for MIA since January 6th , the date of my last post.    I was out of ideas and needed a break.  It happens a lot.  Many bloggers never return.  I contemplated quitting as I felt I no longer had anything to say.  I've never worked to promote my blog and have often wondered if my lack of focus, i.e. the focus needed to categorize my writing, is a drawback to developing a large readership.  I write because I want a place to make observations and, yes, vent from time to time.

Lately I've been re-thinking the process.  Topics are beginning to jell in my brain and they are truly all over the place.  I guess that's just me and I should embrace it.

I realize writing is my avocation so, why not continue?  Also, I miss you guys.  So here's to getting back in the groove.  I may experiment with short quick posts more often and I may get back to writing in depth about the things for which I feel great passion.

Today, I embed a short but sweet one from the great Stephen Colbert.



JC said...

Vacations are always good. Life gets in the way and then we want to write again about this or that.

DJan said...

Welcome back! You didn't really go anywhere except for taking a sabbatical. Everyone needs one now and then. :-)

bill lisleman said...

You are very right about some bloggers never returning. I think of them as the Forrest Gump type who just stop running (blogging) and turn to their follows and say they are tried and are going home. Right there is the middle of a run through the middle of nowhere.
Real life of course needs to be a priority. This unfortunately just happened to me. I trying to think of way to explain a medical emergency without going into too much revealing detail. It might be a short post.
Well I hope all is well with you and you do continue to post. I like your thought provoking posts.

California Girl said...

J.C. Thanks you for commenting. I am fascinated with the world right now. Hope I can convey it through writing.

California Girl said...

DJan, you're a long time supporter. Thanks for keeping watch.

California Girl said...

Bill, I will visit your blog this weekend if not tonight (as I'm at work right now tee hee).

I hope whatever your medical issue is/was, you are all right now. You are definitely one of the good guys.

injaynesworld said...

So happy to see you back. I've missed you, and I totally understand the feeling of wondering what else you have to say. A break is always good. With election time gearing up again, there should be much to comment on. And I love Colbert. A national treasure!

California Girl said...

jayne, thank you. I was getting to feel redundant perhaps because so much info is regurgitation & I questioned my own contribution. these nice comments make it all worthwhile.

Marguerite said...

Welcome back! I totally understand the need for blog breaks, but am glad that you've returned. Have a Happy Mother's Day! Cheers!

California Girl said...

Marguerite! I was thinking of you recently. I binge watched "Treme" recently and the music, dancing & general festival atmosphere always made me think, "No wonder she blogs about food, music & dancing! This is what they do...yes, really!"

Loved that show.


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