Monday, February 25, 2013

DKNY Steals Artists' Work for Display

My husband is a photographer.  He sells his work.  It is not a hobby.  It is a vocation with original copyrighted material. Recently, he came across a fellow photog with a Facebook site he likes and the following post about his work being stolen by DKNY.  Yes, that DKNY.

This photographer has over 500,000 followers on Facebook.  Did the brain trusts at DKNY think nobody would notice?



troutbirder said...

On a small scale I had a similar experience with a business in Vermont using pictures of my dog Baron. I had them remove it from the internet. Baron didn't get any compensation though. On a more serious note your post on the selling of the Iraq war were well done and remindful of those awful days. A few week back I put up a post inadvertantly on my nature blog on the same subject. Byrons poem Ozymandius came to min....

Ellen Fisch Photography said...

One of the most amazing stories regarding photo-theft is this one: The Stolen Scream
It is easy to rip off photographers today....very sad what goes on...but there are good endings, too. The Stolen Scream photographer,Noam Galai turned the theft of his photograph into a lucrative business. Photographers never give up!!

California Girl said...

I should never try to publish comments from my Kindle Fire. I end up deleting some because the screen is too small or my fingers too large. Here's one I could not recover from the deleted file.

Bill Stankus has left a new comment on your post "DKNY Steals Artists' Work for Display":

If Human is wealthy, turning down the $15,000 is somewhat understandable. But, to many of us, that's a nice chunk of change. Art is a fleeting endeavor, who knows what opportunities are in the future. Something, maybe nothing.


by Cole Scott