Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fox News, Bush & Co War Crimes, Turkish Sex Videos

                                                             Daily Koz  Feb 18, 2013  

It warms the cockles of my heart to see the chart above.  Every dog has his day and Fox News is getting theirs.  The article in Monday's Daily Koz says Fox News is still top rated because "'s the only thing Conservatives watch."    And apparently, far less of them are doing so.  

 the Unholy Quartet of the Bush Admin above:  Condi, Dick, George W., Rummy

Referring to my last post, they are instrumental in the selling of the Iraq War to the citizens and Congress of the United States of America.  Keep the dialog alive!

Can you say "War Crimes" anyone?

Lastly, my Spam Comments have increased exponentially over the last few months.  Most of it is dumb medical propaganda, occasional sex invites and crap Anonymous comments.  Ever since I posted my thoughts on Quentin Tarentino, "Purveyor of Violent Porn",  I have been getting some icky comments with ickier links.  People like sex and they like violence.  My Helen Mirren post 2 years ago was about her new film in which she appeared in the nude. This is the most viewed post on my blog.  Why?  Search words:  nude, 65 year old nude, nude women 65 year old nude women.

I guess if I really want to up my ante, I'll put the word "nude", "porn" or "sex" in all subsequent posts.



DJan said...

I finally stopped accepting anonymous comments on my blogs because of spam, and it helped tremendously. I agree that we should not let the conservatives rewrite history. They took us into a war of choice, there is no doubt about that. War crimes indeed.

Jen said...

Try using Disqus. I love that commenting system. I really don't get any spam. I do wonder if I added in some spicier words to my posts if my blog would get some more action. But, I don't think it's the action I want.


by Cole Scott