Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

Unveiling the Rosa Parks statue in the Capitol today.
A blogger friend was there for the ceremony & took some mighty fine shots.

One very cool Bassett Hound



bill lisleman said...

I don't mind them getting a good salary if they did better work but I hate the fact that they spend most all of their time fund raising. Apparently the second highest government salary is the Postmaster General which seems odd to me. I also think their benefit package in Congress is too good. I'm not even sure what side introduced a bill that didn't go anywhere to stop Congress's paychecks until they completed a budget which I've heard that the Senate has not done in many years.

California Girl said...

Yes. How many businesses allow the workers to vote their own pay raise? Oh right. The financial industry but only the upper echelon. Did not know the Postmaster General has 2nd highest govt salary. Really? I am incensed members of Congress receive life long stipends of such magnitude. It's not only mind-boggling, it's wrong. If we had term limits and did not pay out such grandiose sums to our so elected officials, perhaps we would get more dedicated souls running for office than the career pols obligated to lobbyists. Or am I just being naive?

Hey~ you didn't say anything about the dog!

DJan said...

Life isn't fair, but this seems beyond the pale, to me at least. Yes, let's cut the seniors and give ourselves a raise. More than inhumane, it's criminal.

bill lisleman said...

Oh, is that a hound you know? Is that a little bubbly to wet your nose with?


by Cole Scott