Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another History Lesson from Bachmann Palin Overdrive

Thank you Field Negro for this. My response is "How long, oh Lord, how long?"

The AP reports this out:

Revere was probably bluffing the soldiers, according to Joel J. Miller, author of "The Revolutionary Paul Revere." And while he made bells, Revere would never have rung any on that famous night because the Redcoats were under orders to round up people just like him.

"He was riding off as quickly and as quietly as possible," Miller said. "Paul Revere did not want the Redcoats to know of his mission at all.   Politico 6/5/11
If this doesn't ring your bell, perhaps Michele Bachmann's take on where the "shot heard round the world"  took place will do it for you.


Bonnie said...

OMG - Even I as a Canadian catch her errors in US history. What an embarrassment for your country.

DJan said...

OMG. Just plain OMG.

Expat From Hell said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. My country puts these people up as their leaders, even elects them by pluralities to their top jobs. And then they parade their "education" to the world about who we as Americans are, what we stand for, and how much we know. This culture continues to circle the drain. EFH

Susan said...

Yep. They're kickin' into high gear, for sure. God save us from these morons.

mermaid gallery said...

another good laugh from the crazy think she has support!

Linda Myers said...

I see them as celebrities, so my expectations are pretty low.

injaynesworld said...

Did you see where Fox "News" was doing a serious story on Palin and accidentally put up a photo of Tina Fey?

Too bad they things that are so good for comedy are so bad for the country.

Love "Bachmann Palin Overdrive."

California Girl said...

Bonnie: you and ExPat share the same sentiment. It is very embarrassing to have people like this actually serving in the U.S. House of Representatives let alone maybe running for president.

Djan: I must say that several times a day re: this crap.

ExPat: reference my comment to Bonnie who, btw, wrote an interesting column Friday:

Susan: unapologetic morons too.

Mermaid: Yes. My husband continually ponders the type of people who support Sarah. She has 3MM Twitter followers.

Linda: They don't seem to be any more knowledgeable than most celebs. But shouldn't they be?

Jayne: As Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers would say on Weekend Update, "REALLY? Did you really show a photo of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? REALLY?"

Wish I could claim I could claim having originated "Bachmann Palin Overdrive" but, no. Clever.

Judy said...

That just turns my stomach!

Stephanie said...

Aaaarggghhhhhh! I just can't take it anymore. (Guess I'll have to turn off the tv)

lisleman said...

wow to be able to tour around the country with your family in a huge bus and get to have lunch with wild haired Trump would be a dream come true. She just might have more fun than Trump did screwing around with the media. I don't know but does she sell books from the bus? I wish I could whip up a t-shirt with the ride of Palin Revere. Hey maybe she owns some of his kitchenware and is therefore an expert. Can she see Russia from that bus?


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