Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shot Heard Round the World Fired by Michele Bachmann

I've been searching the internet all day for a video of Michele Bachmann telling a  gathering of N.H. Tea Partiers

"You're the state where the shot was heard round the world in Lexington and Concord."

Uh, no, we aren't, Ms. Bachmann and it would be reassuring to know you know your history which you clearly don't.  

Of course, this is a drop in the bucket of what she doesn't know.  Chris Matthews addressed this issue in January:   
Matthews called Bachmann a "balloon head" on Tuesday for saying that the Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly to end slavery." He noted that, besides the fact that many of the founders owned slaves, and that slavery only ended nearly a hundred years after the founding of America, slavery was also protected in the Constitution via the three-fifths clause, which stated that slaves would be counted as three-fifths of all other people when it came to determining how many seats in Congress each state was due.  HuffPost 1/28/11
I could include more examples but why make you wait for the fun?  The video exists only on the site of our one affiliate in the state:  WMUR.  Enjoy! 



injaynesworld said...

George Will called her out on this, too. I shudder to think of what type of person would actually vote for this asshag.

DJan said...

The only thing that REALLY bothers me about her is that some people think she's a viable candidate for President!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

She is amazingly awful. But she's cute and sassy in a way that appeals to the same people who like(d) Sarah Palin. To those who think public servants should be at least a little bit intelligent, she is a reminder that many people don't feel that way - can you say George Bush?

Baino said...

Wish I was qualified to comment here. You seem very politically aware. Sadly, I'm crushingly poor with American politics but I think you and I, well, see eye to eye. Haha 'asshag' I'm pinching that one!

lisleman said...

I was fortunate enough to visit that bridge and park on a trip to nearby BOSTON (but maybe she doesn't know where that is either). Since she is so big on liberty (her version) I would think she might have gone to the place herself.
Her and Palin do make we wonder sometimes if a few people are attracted to dumbness because they afraid of smart people.

California Girl said...

Jayne, alot of people have called her out. I reviewed & rejected linking to a rant by Glenn Beck over Matthew's dissing her. But, when I googled news articles on her, an oxymoron in itself, there were many criticisms pointing out the erroneous ereferences she makes. One in particular, that stood out, was her "Hoot SMalley" ref, referring to the Smoot Hawley bill of the early 1930s. DailyKoz listed her mistakes:
1. There is no Hoot-Smalley. It's Smoot-Hawley.
2. Smoot and Hawley were Republicans, not Democrats.
3. Herbert Hoover signed the legislation, not FDR.
4. Unemployment was already at 25% when FDR took office.

Djan: of the 2 videos WMUR posted to their website of her gaffe, one included interviews with people excited to see her speak & who said they think they'd "vote for her".

Bliss: "cute and sassy" vs "knowledgeable & experienced". Is this what we're trading on now? I blame Hollywood.

Baino: jayne writes really funny stuff.

lisleman: Nope, I just think there are alot of dumb fucking people out there who do not bother to learn the facts and accept whatever is said to them. Why do you think advertising works so well?

Ruth said...

How embarrassing. Problem is, I don't think she will be. If she responds the way Palin did when things like this happened, it became fodder for the martyr-mill.

Minka said...

You can find ballonheaded people everywhere! And somehow they make their way to high places and those who can see their "baloonheadness" can't do much about that.

Mama Zen said...

She and Palin have turned stupid into a competitive sport!

Vicki Lane said...

That's the downside of democracy -- idiots can vote too -- and even get elected.

Megan said...

Gah I can't abide her. I'm loving the 'asshag' tag as well!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

words don't fail me....but i'm haunted by my ma's admonition that if i can't say anything nice, not to say anything.....

The Silver Fox said...

Growing up in Massachusetts in the 1960s, I was often frustrated trying to pull in WMUR-TV with a rooftop antenna. I used to love their seasonal Santa Claus program, when it would come in clearly. It was only years later that I learned he was portrayed by WMUR's kiddie show host (whom I also enjoyed), Uncle Gus!

As for the rest of the post... Ms. B. is indeed an "asshag!" (Feminine form of "asshat," I assume?)

Susan said...

Good lord! She's an embarrassment to our country!

Don't you just love the way Chris has come out of the closet and finally is admitting that's he's a liberal? Not in so many words, of course, but it's there. The only bone I have to pick with him is his current love of Hillary Clinton...where was he when she was running for President? He couldn't say anything good about her then!

BTW, I think Hillary may go down in history as one of the best Secretaries of State.

LiBBy said...

Sorry but to me both Bachmann & Matthews festering ass boils . The only difference is that they are on opposing ass cheeks.

Anonymous said...

It is as broad as it is long.


by Cole Scott