Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Road to Rogue

She's talkin' 'bout goin' "rogue" again in the 2012 election. 

Talking heads on MSNBC say Michele Bachmann is so inspired by the lack of knowledge, history and whatnot Sarah Palin displays, she's tempted to throw her hat in the ring as well.  

Ten million bucks a year, Sarah's income according to Chris Matthews, is a powerful incentive.   

If I didn't think the average American is so disinterested, dazzled by personae and just plain stupid, I'd be amused.

As it is, somebody, please shoot me.



Expat From Hell said...

Something about reading your post, and then seeing directly across from this on your blog site - James L. Hymes, Jr's comments on "Teaching the Child Under Six". Somehow the two blog subjects seem - gasp - to match! Also love the photo at the top - getting homesick to you. EFH

DJan said...



We shall see what happens in 2012 soon enough.

Glad to see YOU on my Google Reader...

injaynesworld said...

I love Kristin Wiig as Bachmann on SNL so I'm hoping she runs. Shitty for the country, but great for comedy. Hey -- we all have to make sacrifices.

California Girl said...

Expat: You're the first one to comment on that. I do that every time I write a new post but nobody notices, not even my husband. LOL!

DJan: You are too sweet. Thank you.

Jayne: Yes she's a comedy act all right. Jon Stewart was hoping the Donald stayed in longer for the same reason.

Grandmother said...

If we didn't reward them so unbelievably (ten million?!) maybe they'd go away quicker. Or we can hope...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand politics. Well, that's not right. I do understand politics. In my inventory of worthless words, politics comes under stupid.

Virgil said...

Love your blog! I'll be visiting often!

RNSANE said...

I'm going to bed in tears. Good thing I poured myself a DOUBLE Sazerac cocktail!

Karena said...

Not the woman I have always hoped would run for President of or great country (faults and all)

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California Girl said...

Grandmother: I know. I know. It's our own fault.

Abe: Hey! You're an artist. You can rise above the fray.

Virgil: Welcome! Come anytime.

RNSANE: A Sazerac, eh? Headed to New Orleans in October and planning to have one tout suite (sp?). Haven't visited NOLA in 20 yrs but I remember those cocktails with fondness.

Karena: Thank you for visiting and I shall.

lisleman said...

The quitter Palin is an opportunist very similar to hair boy Trump. If they can make big bucks stirring people with little imagination then great for them. The money would be great but looking myself in the mirror would be awful.

Virgil said...

What's up California girl!?! Thanks for visiting and comment on my blog today! I'm tickled that you asked if I go to the U! Not yet, but soon I hope! Hope to see ya again soon! \w/

Deborah said...

Thanks for nudging me back, CG - and what a surprise! A new look (very nice)...and an old story. By that I mean the circus act that is politics. What with your Sarah Palin wannabees, the civil-behaviour-is-for-lesser-beings attitudes of French presidential hopefuls and the Canadian train wreck that puts the caboose guy at the controls, well, I think Belgium has the right idea. Just give up on the idea of a central government. Do the admin work, fund the programs, pave the streets, but forget about putting anybody in a position of power.

ps Please don't shoot yourself. If it gets really bad, move to Norway.


by Cole Scott