Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who's Sorry Now?

What can you say about these idiots that hasn't been printed or is about to be?  Let's begin with the absolutely hilarious headline by Andy Borowitz,

'I am the Sperminator'

Short article follows. 

Then there's this rich fascisti who happens to own the majority of the Italian television :

Inside Berlusconi's 
'Bunga Bunga' parties: 
Explosive Details of Italian PM's Sex Scandal

Whatever a "bunga bunga" party may be, the UK's Guardian has it covered and so does Huff Post.  Of course, this is a drop in the bucket of accusations against this Italian PM.  He is a dear friend of Muammar Gadaffi; his media empire influences approximately 90% of the Italian population, according to some.  He is 79 years old, likes big breasted, underage women whom he "allegedly" pays to have sex. 

A more disturbing accusation in which details are so graphic and terrible one reporter on MSNBC this morning said they could not be revealed, IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested for sexually assaulting a maid in his New York hotel.  His attempt to flee the country before apprehension resulted in a multitude of headlines and angled stories.  HuffPost  focused on the limited facts:   
IMF Chief Held Without Bail in Hotel Sex Case

The Washington Post took an interesting approach focusing on "messy marital histories" of politicians and the NYTimes explore the "code of silence" in France about the secret lives of politicians.

The material is endless:  Newt, Edwards, Ensign, Clinton...and these are just the offending heterosexuals who come to mind. 

Sex and politics.  It never gets old. 



Anonymous said...

I don't know what gets into the heads of men the most often but I suspect it must be sex. It never seems to end. At almost 77, I am fortunate...

Baino said...

Surprising really. I mean one's a body builder and they usually have rather small 'ahem' the other's a 'short man' and the third, well he's just old and looking for validation.

DJan said...

Sigh. Men and their sexual proclivities. Double sigh. Some good links here, thanks!

Megan said...

I almost lost it today when I saw a headline for an L.A. Times article - "How to Talk to Your Children About Arnold's Infidelity" - what? What?!?

injaynesworld said...

That's interesting that Berlusconi is buds with Gadaffi since Italy is part of NATO and sent force to Libya. The NATO commander of the mission is Italian, too.

I read today that Arnold's 17 year old son just drops his father's name and will go by Patrick Shriver.

It's wone thing for these pigs to screw around, but for God's sake -- bag it!

California Girl said...

To All: I'm glad these scandals aren't going away in the news. I am sick and tired of the corruption and immorality so many of these guys feel entitled to.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Sex and politics. It never gets old."

I really wish it would get old - and fixed. Doubt that.

Just saw a comment of yours on another blog, that you are reading the Golden Compass. I have that up next on my list as well.


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