Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010

 Wedding Day 1977

Young Couple in Love

 Happier Times



In Memoriam



Grandmother said...

Oh, I'm in Antigua and I didn't hear she died. How sad. Such a loss. She went through such a lot. May she find peace. Blessings on her children.

Brenda Kula said...

Such a noble and courageous woman...

DJan said...

I will miss her courage, her determination. She will be missed by so many. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Baino said...

Too young. I hate that bloody disease.

Susan said...

Thank you for this. What a lovely tribute to a woman who defined the term "classy".

Ruth said...

Thanks you. She is incredibly inspiring. I admire her so very much. Very honest.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for me to believe she is gone, yet it is so.


by Cole Scott