Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Singing For Your Breakfast...

This is one of my best friends. She lives in the Keys and works for the best breakfast places down there, Harriette's. She is as cheerful as she looks and sounds; always has a smile for everyone, never a cross word. When my husband and I visit, we stay at her place and it's always a treat. She has the biggest heart in the world; she spent 12 years working with severely physically and mentally handicapped children in Dolphin Human Therapy. It was a very successful procedure until the man who owned the business lost his lease and shut it down. She and her co-worker tried to buy the business but couldn't get the funding. So, back to waitressing she went.

This is a cute little ad she did for the restaurant owner. If you're down there, stop in, make sure she's your waitress and order a big meal. Tell her "California Girl in New Hampshire sent me". She's a California girl too!



Star said...

My I have a job keeping up with where you are California Girl. This is Florida, right? but you are both from California, yes? Where are you now then? (giggling)
Great travellers, the Americans!
Loved the song. Your friend sounds wonderful.
Blessings, Star

DJan said...

Well! If it wasn't all the way across the country from me, I'd go there, for sure! Adorable little ad.

Nancy said...

Look at that smile! Yep, I would stop and have breakfast at her restaurant.

Marguerite said...

One of my best friends in the world lives in Key Largo. I'm planning a trip there, in February, and I will certainly stop in and eat breakfast at Harriette's! Thanks for the intro!


by Cole Scott