Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Political Tidbits

Mitch McConnell's GOP Agenda?  Take Down Obama

"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term president."
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
National Journal 10/25/10

Meg Whitman Endorses Opponent Jerry Brown

 President Clinton Hammers Michelle Bachmann
But Not in a Biblical Way

"She 'makes Richard Nixon look like a member of Students for a Democratic Society.  They make Newt Gingrich and George Bush look like garden variety liberals'..." 10/25/10

Unendorsed R.I. Gubernatorial Candidate Says
Obama Can "Shove it"



Baino said...

Hey I'm not ignoring you, just not across all these issues so itwould be inappropriate for me to comment.

Nancy said...

The Jerry Brown video is hilarious!

Caprio is a classy guy, isn't he?

Montana said...

What is the deal with the women GOP governor candidates and their crime propensity sons. Arizona’s Jan Brewer AKA Punky Brewster son (Ronald Brewer) is in jail for kidnapping and sexual assault and California’s Meg Whitman, AKA NutMeg son (Griffith Rutherford Harsh V) was accused of sexually assaulting a female classmate at Princeton University and arrested for breaking a woman’s ankle in California during a bar brawl, no jail time, sweet. I guess these two have Mommy issues.

Nutmeg will lose as will Carly the tremendous failure of HP, don’t come crying to me if the GOP, keeps finding weak candidates, its like Mccain with the half-term Governor Palin all over again, what a joke that was, I mean comedian, talk show guest, commentator, now her new BS on the (of all places) The learning Channel, jack of all trades, master of none.

June 14, 2010, The New York Times, Ebay paid out $200,000 because Nutmeg assaulted an employee, so it’s not the first time she has mistreated an employee.

“The Whitman campaign issued a statement signed by Ms. Whitman that described Ms. Young Mi Kim as a “respected colleague and valuable asset to the company. In any high-pressure working environment, tensions can surface,” the statement said. ” Not quite a denial, what a fool she is.

I must say one thing about Nutmeg is that she is a good parrot and the cracker she wants is CA:

California Girl said...

Baino: I know you aren't. You should watch the Whitman vid for laughs, the "Shove It" vid to see how low the respect for the office of President has sunk (in public) and the other quotes are just plain interesting. Michelle Bachmann is a right wingnut from Minnesota and Mitch McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader who divebombs the Dems and Obama at every conceivable turn. According to one news talking head (or was it Stewart?) he led over 100 filibusters during Pres. Obama's first two years.

Nancy: I really enjoyed that. Talk about turning tables!

Montana: Welcome!!! Love the long answer and the reference links. Thanks for visiting and commenting and please come back.


by Cole Scott