Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marketing Guns

Ad campaign run by Bushmaster, the company who manufactured the assault weapon used by Adam Lanza to kill 27 people Friday, 20 of them children.

I've just written an email to the ad agency who produced this.  Rather than say what I felt, I said what I believe:  there is "responsible advertising" and there is "irresponsible advertising".  This represents the latter.  They need to take partial responsibility for the tragedy and "rethink" their growth strategies for the future.   

I've never sold an ad to a firearms or weaponry company in my life.  I just flat out don't believe in it. 



bill lisleman said...

Not being interested in this type of gun myself I wonder about the target of this ad. (I don't own any guns but I'm not against all guns)
"man card" is that code for small dic*?
I suppose they never think of the intelligence level of the buyers do they?

Judy said...

Why do they even need to advertise... like cigarettes. These guns have nothing to do with hunting or home protection. They are military killing machines and don't belong in homes.
Peace Out sister!

California Girl said...

Hi Bill, what type of person "needs" an automatic assault weapon of any kind?

California Girl said...

Judy: Exactly.

California Girl said...
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