Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Many Opinions, So Few Informed

Sen. Hilary Clinton responding to Tea Party Sen. Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin about the State Dept's reaction to the killings at the Benghazi Embassy last September.

In a CNN interview afterwards, the Senator characterized her response as "theatrics" designed to get out of the questions.  He later backtracked.

Today, Sentor Johnson was rebuked by Secretary of State nominee, Senator John Kerry, who manged to chastise and embarrass Johnson in one neat stroke.


Back to Hillary:  Another newly elected Tea Party Sentor, Rand Paul (R) Kentucky, told her, if he were President, he would have "fired her" for her failure to react to what he calls "the worst tragedy since 9/11".  

Let's all thank God he is not President and never will be.  I lived in Kentucky.  They have a penchant for terrible, single minded, self-serving politicians.



DJan said...

I watched excerpts of the hearings. I thought Hilary did a great job of explaining things to those who were looking for any way to trip her up. I'll really miss her in this job.

Bill Stankus said...

Congress has become an even deeper cesspool fill with even nastier bottom feedeers.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone of good nature, wit, intelligence, a sense of duty to the nation, etc. ... even bothers with politics.

For now, sleazoids has captured the flag ... their intentions seem to be to ruin the Union.

And we thought the Civil War was over.

bill lisleman said...

The Benghazi screw-up was a tragic screw-up. I think Hillary knew she would take plenty of heat for it. I don't know many details but it seems the protection was lacking. Hillary certainly knows how to stand her ground. I do wish they would concentrate on ways to fix these security problems for the future instead of playing point the finger into the past.

California Girl said...

DJ: Hillary is probably now, more than 2008, an electable candidate for President 2016.

California Girl said...

Bill S: "a cesspool with bottom feeders"...makes me tingle. ;)

California Girl said...

Lisleman: I heard a talking head on NPR earlier this week saying the Benghazi embassy was not classified for a high level of protection. I was looking for it to include in the post and still shall.

christopher said...

It's nearly impossible to get involved in the many opposing turmoil's of the Mideast and come out unscathed.

Very few have done so.

It's a shame when more obstacles are added purely for the purpose of political gain.

Glad to have found your blog page.

California Girl said...

Christopher, thank you for visiting the blog. I appreciate your thoughts. Please come again.

injaynesworld said...

Johnson is such a pompous asshole. I love the way Kerry handled him. The difference in intelligence and class between the two couldn't be more evident, as it was between Johnson and Hillary, as well. Our embassy may have had more security had the GOP not slashed the State Department budget -- cuts they are still not willing to restore.

California Girl said...

Jayne, yes, yes, and yes. Btw, if you read my response to Lisleman, there is another explanation as to why the embassy was not heavily secured.

This NYTimes article addresses same:


by Cole Scott