Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Congratulations Mr. President & First Lady

Inauguration Day 2013 fell on Martin Luther King's birthday and we watched the swearing in of our African American President for a second term.  As the pundits who admire him put it, "...President Obama has received validation.  His first election was not a fluke."  Add to this his stirring speech, rallying the nation to pull together and Liberals to push for their inclusive agendas, it made for a thrilling day.

The President's happiness was palpable.  Mine too.  I feel so good about this second term.  I really believe he will make lemonade out of the lemons he's been juggling the past four years.   

Close up from a California newspaper of the happy couple below.

Since this blog is titled "Women of a Certain Age", it's only fitting we congratulate the beautiful stylish First Lady, Michelle Obama, along with her husband.   She sure rocked the Inaugural Ball!



bill lisleman said...

I was very happy to watch the coverage. He is an inspiration for me. A smart pragmatic man of action.
Did you see the eye-rolling the first lady did next to Speaker Boehner? It's fun to imagine what was said.

DJan said...

She looked simply beautiful. Those arms! That dress! And the new hair, everything was perfect. I will never forget "Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall."

Jocelyn said...

I loved Inauguration Day, too--mostly because, as your post notes, it proved Obama's first election was no fluke.

Being of a certain age myself, I was also riveted by Michelle's style. She's my very best imaginary girlfriend, and I'm totally going to borrow the boots she wore when walking the parade route.

California Girl said...

Bill, had not seen this so thanks. She's so cool. Boehner is so uncool. My parents were lifelong golfers. We belonged to a country club. I went there often to play or swim. Boehner reminds me of so many of the men who played there, tan smokers with slicked down hair and that "look" of annoyance.

California Girl said...

DJ: I did not know what "stonewall" was until it was later explained by news pundits. I think they said it was 1968 or 69. The back story is fascinating particularly the catalyst story under "Police Raid" on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonewall_riots

California Girl said...

Jocelyn, your "very best imaginary girlfriend". That is so adorable! I bet she's a nice lady. She just looks nice. So does the Prez.

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