Saturday, October 23, 2010

Skeletons in His Closet Clarence Thomas Can't Escape

Clarence Thomas’s former girlfriend: His hobby was “watching the women he worked with…He was obsessed with porn”

Lillian McEwen former girlfriend of Clarence Thomas

One of my favorite go-to sites for news & humor is The Political Carnival.  The above headline links to a post written last night about Clarence Thomas and  his ex-girlfriend at the time of his Supreme Court nomination hearings, Lillian McEwen.  Ms. McEwen is breaking her silence after 19 years to affirm his inappropriate work place behaviour which was the subject of Anita Hill's testimony that Thomas was not a suitable candidate for Supreme Court Justice. 

McEwen is writing her memoirs which may have prompted her to break silence.  However, having avidly sat through the televised hearings at the time, there was no doubt in my mind Anita Hill was telling the truth.  Also, I'm wondering if this new revelation is what motivated the phone call from Ginny Thomas to Ms Hill, asking for an apology.  Hmmmmm. 

For a more on the McEwen involvement, go here.   



Nancy said...

It might have been a little more helpful to Anita if she had come forward at that time. Instead she waits until she wants to sell a book??

DJan said...

I simply could not believe my ears when I heard that Ginny Thomas wanted an apology from Anita Hill! I was convinced, too, during the hearings that this guy is really sick.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Yes, that was my first thought.... Ginny Thomas knew this was going to come out and thought she could somehow (how?!?!) blunt the effect. Gotta love this.


by Cole Scott