Friday, April 2, 2010

Cable News & Talking Heads: Who's On Top?

If you think you know the top rated news shows on cable, you may be surprised. 

I know I am.

Nielsen Media Research, the Bible of tv ratings, just announced Q1 results and here they are via Huff Post.

What does this tell us about the viewer profile who spends the most time watching these shows and being persuaded?


maggie's garden said...

SCARY!! REALLY SCARY! I can't even believe this...but it explains a lot! Manipulation of the mind is so simple with television...I'm hoping that cable bills get so high people start disconnecting and start getting their news from more of a variety of resources. Pipe dreaming I suppose....
Thanks for informing me on this one.

Nancy said...

Not surprising. Some people need someone to tell them what to believe. Not able to do any critical thinking on their own, they eat this stuff up. People who think for themselves do not need to watch commentators/entertainers tell them what to believe. Plus, they watch entirely more television than people who actually read!

California Girl said...

You got that right Nancy. My husband said almost the same thing. People who can't figure things out for themselves. I admit to watching plenty of talking heads myself but I don't necessarily agree all the time. I usually throw up the bits I like which is probably why I'm always posting Stewart. My hero.


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