Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michael Steele, RNC, WTF?!!!!!!

For links to above stories from The Huffington Post:
1) Voyeur
2) RNC Hypocrisy
3) Tone Deaf


Vicki Lane said...

Well, this was indeed a fun story. Even if MS wasn't at the club, the fact that that's where the money went is definitely interesting and should be embarrassing.

Megan said...

He's so outta there. But who will they think of next?

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

How does Steele not lose his job? I mean, I hope they keep him on for months yet, so he can deplete the RNC treasury and demoralize the candidates, and maybe put his foot in his mouth a few more times. But still...how can I get a job like that?

DJan said...

I read these and was surprised to find that the pundits don't think it will stir any outrage. Guess it's all been spent already.

RNSANE said...

How the hell is all this possible?

Coffee Messiah said...

You have to remember, everything they stand against and pontificate about, is a smokescreen to fool the sheeple.

Maybe some will finally take note.

Maybe too, the nancy reagan just say no tour hopefully will see less support also..........

California Girl said...

Hey Gang: After writing this post, I learned the organizer of the trip to Voyeur was a female staffer at the RNC. She was fired. Steele, however, approved the charges which were probably just listed under "Entertainment".

I do expense reports for my job and I have to list the name of the restaurant cum bar cum voyeur/strip club, location, who was entertained and purpose of biz conducted. Would love to see that info! And a chick taking men to these types of places!!!

As a broadcast sales woman, I had to compete against sales "men" who took certain clients (usually car dealers) to the strip clubs for lunch or dinner. I never went there. Instead, I'd play golf or tennis or get them tix to MLB or MFL games held in our stadium. I remember the irritation I felt about the strip club sit, which was very prevalent. But, I cannot imagine doing that no matter the money.

Nancy said...

This makes me laugh and very happy. Just keep on keepin on, Steele. It's about time these hypocrites are revealed.

Ruth said...

This country's political scene is a mess.

Can we please get a third, fourth and fifth viable party?

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