Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!

I'm not a Druid or pagan nor am I a large cruise ship although I'd like to be on one in the next month or so celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary.

I bring attention to Winter Solstice which, this year, falls between sunset yesterday Monday, 12/21 and sunset today, Tuesday 12/22;  the shortest day of the year.  This means we may all look forward to ever lengthening days, hopefully more sunlight and less SAD.

As an ad manager at a small tv station in a resort area, I welcome the shift.  I hope it brings, to my little town,  a strong Winter blanket of continual snow, with sparkling sunny skiable days and happy skiiers, snowboarders, XC folk and shoppers.  That will make my job ever so much easier.

I dread the end of Daylight Savings when night time falls by 4pm and the sun rises later and later.  Winter Solstice is the beginning of the end of that cycle.  Each day lengthens and suddenly, voila, we have long days again.  I operate in a much better frame of mind when the days are long.    Don't you?


Nancy said...

It hasn't bothered me as much this year as in the past, but my daughter has a terrible time with SAD.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love to pass through the solstice... it is as if by knowing the days are getting longer, my whole frame of mind improves! And, I hate it when the time changes in the fall! Give me long days and lots of sunshine!!

Judy said...

I agree... this year is not so bad- yet, since we had warm weather in November...and I'm trying to embrace "hibernation" mode this year.... but I am praying for an early spring!

JC said...

I have never liked that it's dark by five ... makes me feel like a mole.

I don't know that I have sad but I sure enjoy the lighter days & nights.

Enjoy your Holiday !!!


by Cole Scott