Monday, December 21, 2009

Franken Shuts Down Lieberman

I'm baaaaaccckkkk!

Reasons for absence:

1. Moving out of home of 11 yrs to MIL farmhouse.
2. Caught a bug...ugh.
3. Eldest son home for Christmas.
4. Christmas

Thanks for your patience. It's been an exhausting wild ride and it ain't over yet. Our lives are in boxes and I don't know where anything is but we're managing.

Had to post this because I like the concept sooo much. Wish more of the "distingushed Senators & congress persons" would either STFU or be shut down.


Auntie, aka Coco's Mom said...

Life happens.
Enjoy your holiday and your son's visit.
Feel better, too.

Marguerite said...

Welcome back!! I have missed you so much! Glad to know that you're still alive and well and still kickin! I cannot even imagine how crazy things have been for you with moving and Christmas, all in one month!
Happy Holidays!

lakeviewer said...

Yes! I saw that moment live! Liberman deserved it! Did you see how Jon Stewart went back in time to respond to McCain's comment that what Franken did was unprecedented? Stewart showed clips of McCain doing the same thing, denying minutes. Gotcha!

It's quite a volley!

Susan said...

Welcome back! I've missed you!

Wow, you have been Busy!

I sure as hell wish Lieberman would STFU! His very existence annoys the crap out of me! Franken is great!

RNSANE said...

Very interesting, indeed. I agree..some of them are too d@%& long winded!

Baino said...

Busy time for all it seems this year. Have a wonderful Christmas. At least unpacking all those boxes eventually will 'seem' like Christmas. Cheers :)

California Girl said...

Auntie: Thank you so much. Happy Holidays and all the good stuff.

Marguerite: You are too sweet. I've missed you and everyone too. Just had to slog through and "git 'er done". Happy Holidays to you.

Lakeviewer: after reading your comment, I tried to find the Stewart video on The Daily Show web site but could not. If you have a link to it, pls send.

Susan: Thank you so much. I am happy to be back and I've missed writing and reading and hearing what everyone is doing. xo

RNSANE: Yes. Would love your opinions on the current Health Care Reform bill, such as it now is.

Baino: Hello, my friend. Are you celebrating a warm summery holidays over there?

ArtSparker said...

Glad the move was successfully completed. Ah, Lieberman, AKA the Treacherous Little Weasel.

Nancy said...

Hallelujah! STFU! You've done quite enough Senator Lieberman.

Glad so see you back!

lakeviewer said...

The episode was aired last Thursday, and replied last night.


by Cole Scott