Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All

It is 6AM and I cannot sleep so am on the computer til I doze off.  So much to do and tomorrow is Christmas.  My husband and I started shopping yesterday.  YESTERDAY!  Well, we knew it would be low key, but still...

Today will see me off to the drug store to buy the requisite stocking stuffers, six months of toiletries for the boys who can barely afford their own.  My favorite stocking stuffers are Santa Poop:  white chocolate balls by Rocky Mountain Chocolate.  They come wrapped in cellophane with a note from Santa saying it's for being "naughty".  Very cute.  The dogs receive their dog bones dipped in white sugarless chocolate, also Rocky Mountain.  They love that.  My mother in law will receive her annual gift of Chanel No. 5.  I had the presence of mind to order that ten days ago from Macy's.  I'm still working on a now five yr old bottle of Chanel's Chance.  It's so expensive, I can't bear to use it liberally.  My husband is the tough one.  Everything he wants/needs costs serious dough, e.g. a new 4G computer for his photography.  More equipment.  The boys and I settled on a new lens for his camera.  We're splitting that cost.  As for my wants, I would like some new books to read and, oh, I don't know what.  I honestly cannot think of anything at all...except a week on a beach, alone, with my husband.  That would suit me just fine.


Susan said...

I hope Santa brings lots of peace, love and laughter for your stocking, Cali Girl! Merry Christmas and a lovely and prosperous New Year!

That is such a gorgeous photo!

Nancy said...

I asked Santa for a stainless steel (no leaching of plastic stuff) bottle for my ubiquious water bottle. Oh, and ear muffs for walking in really cold weather. I'm always warm except my ears.

Hope all is Merry and bright!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I hope you get your week on the beach!


by Cole Scott