Friday, May 1, 2009

Template Tryout 2

Second attempt.

Most of you did not like the last one which is great with me. I really appreciate the comments because I am sort of kind of indecisive when it comes to this...can you tell? ;=)

I have a feeling I'll end up with something plain but in the interim, how do you like this one? I love red so I am attracted to it.

One thing I noticed since I switched...all my FOLLOWERS have disappeared! No friggin' idea why. They disappeared from my Empty Nest blog too and I haven't touched it!


Minka said...

I like it!

DawnTreader said...

Well your followers seem to be back now, anyway... ;-)

I had a short glimpse of your other tryout earlier today, the green one - it looked ok to me, but I had no time to scrutinize the details, or comment.

This one seems "nice and clean", easy to read, so good in that way, but perhaps just a little - dull?

But I like both these templates better than the polka dots.

Minka said...

Yes, but you can play with the colours and fonts quite a bit.

California Girl said...

Minka & DT: Thank you for your input.

So far I've only changed the templates and not attempted the goof with the colors and fonts. So...that is a good point to address and I will.

I do have a fondness for the blogs with photos in the mastheads. I guess I like them because they stay fresh.

California Girl said...

One more thing...I am not seeing the "followers" but DT says she is??? They should be in the box that is titled "Link UP" but all I see is an empty rectangler red border.

Susan said...

Your Followers are there, I see them!

I like your new layout! It's much easier to read and I think it makes your pictures stand out a lot more. I do like the red, it's very eye-catching.

A little correction to what I told you on uploading a photo to your header: don't click on the photo itself, click on File, then Save as... The only other thing, if you want your blog description and title on the picture, you will have to edit that in with Photoshop or Picasa or Picnik.

Believe me, I am no expert. I learned all of this flying by the seat of my pants and much, much trial and error. When I first started blogging, I didn't even know how to cut and paste! If you have any questions, you can email me at susandroh at gmail dot com. I hope I haven't confused you even more!

Lover of Life said...

Your followers are there, I see them too. I don't know about the blog. I think I just got used to seeing yours differently. I think I just need to let it grow on me. I do like the red better than the green. It pops more, to use an over worked term.

Baino said...

Definitely preferred the soft green, the masthead looks like you're about to have a sale and I can see your followers as well. Seriously though, I come for the read so you choose a template that pleases your eye . .it's all reflective of your personality!

Minka said...

It's very simple to try out new colours:
- customise (top right)

- fonts and colours (on the left)

Then just choose and click and you'll be able to see the different possibilities as you do it. When you like what you see, just click "save" and that's it. And you can always "Revert to template defaults".

California Girl said...

Baino: you are funny. I am having a sale...a BLOG SALE!

Minka: you have good advice

Susan: you too

LOL: I like the red better too but I'm still not satisfied so on to something new this wkend.

Reya Mellicker said...

I kind of liked the polka dots, but whatever. One thing I like about blogger is that you can shift templates whenever.

Oh - you didn't lose your followers - you know that, yes? Just the widget.

Happy weekend!

Deboshree said...

well actually...
Your previous template and its beauty had drawn me to read your blog.
The previous one lovely and I have to be honest..This one pales in comparison.

Warm regards^_^

Ruth said...

Keep trying until you love it.

Anonymous said...

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