Monday, February 11, 2013

GOP: What Took So Long?

Liberal Californians could have told the GOP they were ignoring a large and growing class of potential voters 33+ years ago.  

At that time, I worked in the marketing dept of FOTOMAT, a cutting edge company when it came to marketing.  FOTOMAT's creative was by the then fledgling Chiat Day in Venice California who later became famous for the Apple "1984" ad.  We carefully targeted our customers in 80 markets throughout the U.S. by age, geographic location and...race.   We were producing commercials en Espanol and buying Hispanic and Black formatted radio stations when few main stream companies even bothered.  

lifted from 2/11/13 feed of Political Carnival

Forty of the eighty markets were my responsibility, i.e. targeting, visiting and buying newspaper and radio according to the statistical research in each.  We went a step farther taking into account the demographic makeup of each area and producing accordingly.  I bought radio and newspaper advertising in forty markets including Chicago, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland.  

When I see the GOP going after  groups of voters they've long ignored, I can't help but wonder 

"What took them so long?"   and

"Are we buying this?"



bill lisleman said...

FOTOMAT as in developing rolls of film you dropped off at those little kiosks? Hey they all love that Marco Rubio or is it Macro Polo. I can never keep it straight. Speaking of straight when do you think that GOP position will change? Some day the GOP won't be the GOP of your parents generation.

Bill Stankus said...

This is America ... everything gets consumed.

I don't know the percent, but stereotyping a bit, the Catholic Church is major, south of the US border. Unfortunately, Catholic hierarchy is ultra conservative and in parallel w/ much of the rightwing Republican value's shit.

Yeah, the Repugs are selling and it will be bought.

DJan said...

Well said, Cali. I laughed ruefully at those cartoons. Serves them right if they have become irrelevant.

California Girl said...

Lisleman: Yes. THAT Fotomat. Probably the most fun, educational, wonderful job I ever had. I still have many friends from that job; we were all so close.

The GOP of my parent's generation was Goldwater, Nixon, Ike, that sort of thing. I have a story about it but for another post.

California Girl said...

Bill S: How 'bout that Pope resigning?


California Girl said...

DJ: I'm not laughing, believe me.

Bill Stankus said...

What do Sarah Palin and the pope have in common? Besides their rightwing views, they both quit.

Being a pope is one of the plushest jobs in the world. Millions work for him, he lives in a palace-art museum and he doesn't have to retire. Dying on the job is totally ok. Something doesn't smell right about this quick quitting and I don't mean Friday's fish.

I bet more than a few American nuns are anxious about the next pope and his views on so-called radical feminist values tainting socially conscious nuns.

California Girl said...

Bill: I wondered if that was a joke. I saw a funny George Carlin quote today. He said he wanted yo see a pope named Corky IX because IX sounds distinguished.

troutbirder said...

I'm not buying it but then I stopped listening to the GOP when I "converted" to yellow dogism during the Bush II era....:)


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