Saturday, May 2, 2009

Valley Pride Day

Just so you don't think I'm all about templates now, you know, obsessed with them, I'm heading out to help stream and recycle trash for our annual Valley Pride Day. As a member of the Green Team steering committee, we get to pitch in by separating recyclables from trash and I gotta tell you, I am not looking forward to it. However, committed I am and I'll put in my time, rubber gloves and all. I'm hoping it will be a little more streamlined and sanitary than it sounds but I do not know what to expect.

Ta ta for now...or is that TTFN?


Minka said...

Enjoy! :D

No, seriously, I hope you have a "good as possible" time...

At leas I'll know what TTFN means if you choose to use it next time.

California Girl said...

Minka: just back from VP Day and it wasn't too terrible. In fact, they put me in charge of the recyclable dumpsters! Probably because I'm such a drill sergeant.

TTFN is my old fashioned term and I'm betting there's another meaning out there nowadays for TTFN. As an example, I kept seeing LOL in emails and post comments and I thought everyone was saying "Lots of Luck" which is what LOL used to mean! Just about fell over when I found it out means "Laugh Out Loud", except in Lover of Life's case, that is.

Lover of Life said...

Good for you! You are inspiring me...


by Cole Scott