Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going on Vacation

We are going on vacation this coming Friday and I am excited. We've rented a home on a small island in the Gulf Coast and we're flying our sons down and the four of us will be a family again for eight days. One son has just completed another year of college. The other works in a restaurant which is closed the month of May, between seasons. My husband is trying to start a business and I am ready for some time off after a long season of learning the business of television advertising. The nicest part is we will be together and have time to talk. The island requires bike riding, is very undeveloped, has nice bars and restaurants, nothing chi chi. Rest, relaxation, reading, sleeping and spending time with the boys. We were somewhat daunted last week by the swine flu H1N1 scare. That seems to have dissipated somewhat so I'm less anxious about it. I hate feeling intimidated by media frenzy but I have been.

Four more days. I am so happy.


Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

Is that you, the butterfly, getting ready to fly away on vacation? Nice image!
And that whole thing with the media's reaction to the swine flu makes me so mad...shame on them for getting people sick with FEAR.
Anyways, when you have some time, I have an award for you on my Auntie's blog. Come pick it up!!!

Lover of Life said...

I am so excited for you! It sounds like the perfect vacation. Sun, sand, and family. Does it get any better than that??

Take lots of pictures...

ellen abbott said...

Sounds great. What island?

Pop and Ice said...

This layout does look fab - especially with all your wonderful pictures!

Enjoy your vacation away from civilization and revel in family!

JC said...

Sounds like a nice vacation !!!

Minka said...

Sounds nice - enjoy!

Deboshree said...

Hey have a nice time!
I'm sure it will be wonderful with the whole family.
The swine flu gave us a scare too as we have quite a few relatives in the U.S and Europe.
Take good care

Herrad said...


Have a great vacation and enjoy yourself.



by Cole Scott