Monday, May 4, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Just received a "heads up" from Listen 2 Auntie that she's giving me One Lovely Blog Award. From what I can tell, this is to introduce blogs new to you, the awarder (not a word, I know) to your readers. Got that? I am new to Auntie so she's including my blog as one to check out and so on. She received hers from Words of Wisdom from a Smart Mouth Broad.

There aren't any rules. We are to pick up to fifteen bloggers (I'm going with 5, it's manageable) who are fairly new to us and make our readers aware of them. So:

World of Spirit: Population Unknown
stuff from ellen's head
Pop and Ice in the Shores
Stirring My Thoughts
Lilacs and Cats

Most of my new readers find me because someone else they read has me on their list, which is great! This is another way to expand the circle.


JC said...

Thank You !!!!

Pop and Ice said...

I am so honored to receive this lovely blog award. My first! And I will post about it tomorrow! I was so honored I *cried* at dinner when my son made fun of me. Then my hubby yelled at him and I cried some more. It was quite a dinner time experience!

Hit 40 said...

I agree. It is definitely a lovely blog.

Love all of your flower binge going on the side of your blog. Georgia O'Keffe is my favorite flower painter.

And the award fits right in with your flower collection! Perfect! Congratulations.

Minka said...

Thank you! I feel absolutely honoured!

Herrad said...


Came by via JC at Lilac and Cats.

Have a good day.


ellen abbott said...

Thank you so much. You are so sweet to single me out among all the wonderful reads out there. I am having so much fun with my blog and reading the others I keep up with, getting to know this new world.

California Girl said...

JC: you're welcome!

Pop and Ice: whoa! just want you to be happy & spread the joy.

Hit 40: thank you! the paintings are my girlfriend's work. you may double click on them or their titles to go to her web site.

Minka: I'll be interested to see your picks.

Herrad: Thank you for visiting. Please come back any time.

ea: keep up the good work!

Skye said...

I followed you here from Minka's blog. I saw that you gave her an award and just had to see who you were as I hadn't seen you around anyone elses blogs that I follow.

I love finding new people this way, it makes my followed list that much longer :) I'll be checking out the others you have listed here as well!

California Girl said...

Welcome Skye! That tells me this type of blog awareness is working.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate you picking me...this is my first award. I will post it soon, and award it to others.

California Girl said...

You're welcome Linda. Glad I re-wrote you this morning. I guess I did forget to do the word verification in my first comment to you!

lscollison said...

Je suis aussi une dame d'un certain age. Just recently discovered your blog through a friend, and find a like-minded spirit. Merci!


by Cole Scott