Tuesday, January 6, 2015

If It's Politics It Must Be SSDD


USA Today

Oh goody.
USA Today 

But there IS good news!

Great News for Great Pitchers
USA Today 

SSDD Translation:  Same Shit Different Day



bill lisleman said...

Maybe it should be SSDC - same shit different congress?

California Girl said...

Lisleman : good one!

Anonymous said...

How did you like that big sloppy kiss Boehner planted on Nancy Pelosi when she handed the gavel to him? Bleh!

People are going to be soooo sorry that they didn't go vote. It makes me sick. Of course, here in Ohio we had the completely dysfunctional Chris Redfern as the Democratic Party chairman, and who totally screwed up the governor's race. His ass got dumped, thank goodness.

So, Florida passed a law making same-sex marriage legal. What do you want to bet that Ohio will be the last one to do it, if ever?

California Girl said...

Susan, I watched her blather on and Boehner looked soooo bored while she talked. I don't like her either. She's too partisan, too upper echelon. Two of my GFs in FL have been together 22 yrs & unable to marry or adopt. I wonder now if they'll tie the knot.

Pat Tillett said...

I'm right there with you!
Our system just doesn't work.
The part about the new HOF inductees reminds me that baseball will be back before too long.

California Girl said...

Pat, I love baseball. Football just doesn't do it for me. And soccer! Well...

Brian Miller said...

i was happy for johnson...and i hope schills makes it next year...
i would rather baseball than politics anyday...it is more american...ha

California Girl said...

Brian, the unrest this week has been beyond anything I can remember. It's terrible. The talking heads say the U.S will need to be more diligent. sigh.


by Cole Scott