Friday, January 9, 2015

Thank God it's Over...But What's Next?


bill lisleman said...

Somewhat related to this - I was listen to a NPR interview of French woman who heads a Chicago French-American association (don't recall names). She said that the French ban on public wearing of the burqa was supported by many French Muslim women. The reason was that they wanted legal backing to prevent their husbands from forcing them to wear them. Given any population of people I'm sure there are many who would want to wear burqas. I just thought that was an interesting reason to support the ban. I had never heard or thought of that before.

DJan said...

The news of late has had me crying in front of the TV. I'm thinking it might be time for another news fast. What's next?

California Girl said...

Liselman, that is interesting and I didn't know that. Again, on NPR, this morning I heard them paraphrase a comment coming from a govt official, possibily the FBI, speculating about ongoing reprisals in France & elsewhere once the Je Suis Charlie protests die down. I don't know how any of us can protect ourselves any longer.

California Girl said...

DJ, how does one go on a news fast? Just kidding. I'd love to but my husband is an avid NBC Nightly News hound which he follows up with PBS News Hour.

I'm not one to talk. First thiing in the AM I look oon my Pulse news feed for events of the moment. Maybe I should make it all entertainment, Hollywood gossip & fashion. That gets old too.


by Cole Scott