Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drop Off in Comments Due to Haphazard Posting...or is it DISQUS?

I have been remiss about posting this Summer.  I could say I'm having too much fun, which I am, or I could say I'm just too tired when I come home, which I am.  This blog is all over the place but it's still, primarily, from a female point of view, this female being "of a certain age and political persuasion."
I've noticed a drastic drop off in comments even though my "views" on Google analytics have grown exponentially.  I would normally attribute this to my haphazard posting but the weekly and even daily visits are solid.  So, the next thought is DISQUS.  Has switching to the Disqus commentary widget driven a wedge between me and my readers?  Is it too big a pain to comment if you're not logged in to Disqus?

Inquiring, concerned mind(s) want to know.   




Blissed-Out Grandma said...

For me at least, Disqus does become an obstacle. I have to really want to say something before I'll do all the typing necessary to comment, since I've never (as far as I recall) created an account or logged in. I see you've dropped it.

California Girl said...

Thanks for commenting. I did drop it but now my comments on this blog are in limbo. "Empty Nest" transferred the comments but this blog did not which means I did something different between the two with DISQUS and have yet to figure it out.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Thanks for responding. So far, you're the only one which begs the question, are they not responding because of DISQUS or what? A conundrum.

Karen Katz said...


LegalMist said...

What is Disqus?


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