Thursday, October 20, 2011

Found on Facebook today

 When I first saw this, all I saw was the guy on the left
and I stiffened w/ irritation.  Then I saw the guy on the right.

Yeah, this is where my head is at.

Probably true.

If these  don't do it for ya, click here for Honest Abe's takedown of the most recent GOP debaters.  He spares no one.  



Grandmother said...

Try to wrap your mind around God hating anyone. But Honest Abe tells it like it is! How did we get to this point?

Linda@VS said...

Love these, hahaha! Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...


Judy said...

I must be hatching a plan?

A Beer for the Shower said...

Those are all great. The top one reminds me of "The F-Word" episode of South Park. PS, I love Chicago too!

DJan said...

Thank you for sharing these. I am busily hatching a plan along with Judy. :-)


by Cole Scott