Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things to Come

First 2012 Republican Presidential Debate
June 13th 2010 New Hampshire
(AP photo)

You didn't think I'd let the very first Presidential debate go by without some kind of commentary, didya?

Held in our very own little "First in the Nation State" of New Hampshire last night at St. Anselm's College, the debate was moderated by John King who is excellent at keeping the talky talkers on point.  He did not allow diarrhea of the mouth or refusal to answer the question asked.  He was awesome!

Mitt did a good job.  He didn't talk too much and looked the part which is what everyone says about him anyway.  The big surprise to me was Michelle Bachmann.  I heard Joe Scarborough repeat someone else's comment along the lines of "...someone got her off the crazy juice" because she sounded reasonable.

Newt is toast.  Not sure why he showed up.  SNL did a great spoof of him leaving the debate a few weekends back after the moderator asked him, "You don't really want to be here do you?"

No reason to comment on the rest of the herd.  They stayed away from criticizing one another and stuck to a repititve onslaught of  Obama bashing.  It became just so much rhetoric.  

I lasted 45 minutes then turned to a much more interesting HBO movie called "A Matter of Taste" about Chef Paul Liebrandt.
Now that was theatre!   


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DJan said...

I understand a new guy entered the ring today, maybe the next one will be even MORE interesting!


by Cole Scott