Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers and Sons

Alpha Dog  & His Pack
2007 or '08

My husband thinks this is a terribly corny name for a photo.  He is the "Alpha dog" to our lovable dogs, Dewey (pictured) and Zoe.  He is also dad to his two sons, also pictured.  Of the three, the dog is the most obedient. 

Happy Fathers' Day all.


DJan said...

Love the title, myself. I also like the cool looking cuties in this picture, all four of them!

Judy said...

I see the resemblance to you in the faces of your sons!

Grandmother said...

Good looking pack.

Baino said...

Haha love Dewey's attempt to either get into the picture or avoid it. Gold! Hope it was good. Ours is in September but no fathers left unfortunately.

Ruth said...

I hope you had a fun day and did some corny stuff. We did, we made strawberry freezer jam, and ate corn on the cob.

lisleman said...

great pic - looks like the dog is about to lick your husband's head.

Rob-bear said...

The dog is the most obedient of the three? Who would have guessed.
Great pack, there.


by Cole Scott