Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Woman's Brain

Last night, while getting ready to leave work, I washed my hands in the restroom.  My co-worker was locking up when I realized I could not find my keys.  I began with the usual steps, dumping the entire contents of my purse on the table, looking around the bathroom perimeter, looking inside the bathroom where I knew I'd had them.  Damn! 

My co-worker, a 35 year old nice guy, unlocked the station doors and we began to search together.  I have 20+ years on this guy and I'm feeling guilty even though I know losing keys is BIG with men.  Anyway, I'm beginning to think I've gone looney tunes when he goes back to the rest room and returns with the keys.

"Where did you find them?"  I asked with shock.

"I retraced what I thought were your steps...washing of hands, towel drying, throwing towel away.  You threw your keys away with the paper towel."

Head slap!  Honest to God, I'd never have looked in that waste basket because you would not have convinced me I'd do such a thing. 



Minka said...

I'm quite the opposite (not about LOSING - I do that A LOT) - I look everywhere, thinking I have done something as ridiculous as putting the keys in the fridge or the waste basket or anywhere you could think of. Glad you found them! I usually find them somewhere I should have looked first and quite often somewhere I actually looked, but didn't see them. My keys should respond to a name or a whistle or ... something!

DawnTreader said...

Oh doesn't one feel stupid. I'm not sure it's an age thing though. I've done things like that when I was much younger - just distracted. Good cartoon to go with your story! :)

California Girl said...

Minka, they make key chains with music or something on them, maybe a whistle, that will emit sounds when you clap your hands or hit a button on a corresponding half. Of course, you'd need to be able to find the half. Or, you'd need to make sure your battery was always good.

Dawn, yes, "stupid" is sometimes the operative word.

Minka said...

I know, I know... or those that make a sound when you whistle... but then, you know... they only mke those for keys - and I tend to lose (misplace) all sorts of stuff! Keys are just the most common, but I guess documents are the worst...

Grandmother said...

I liked your cartoon. You have a great co-worker!

Matty said...

My wife is always forgetting where she puts things. And I find them for her in the strangest places. Even her own pocketbook. She can put that thing down somewhere in the house and then can't find it.

injaynesworld said...

That is so totally exactly something I would do. I just hate those brain farts.


by Cole Scott