Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I was a little girl and my mother put me to bed at night, she would sometimes sing the song, "Always". I knew it only as her love song to me.

As I grew older, I learned it was a very famous song by Irving Berlin. I think it dates back to 1912 but I haven't fact checked that yet. My mother was born in 1915. Perhaps her mother sang it to her. I'll never know because Mother died in 1997.

I've added this song to my Playlist widget, recently uploaded to this blog. I love it very much (the song, that is) and it connects me to my mother in a way nothing else can. Her favorite songs were "Stardust" and "I'll Be Seeing You"; songs from WWII.

Right now, my Playlist songs are songs of love for everyone...but especially for my mother.


Lover of Life said...

I also love those songs. Reminds me of my father.

California Girl said...

Our parents were WWII, Depression era. These must be the songs they all loved.


by Cole Scott